What is the Amount of Saliva Produced from different Salivary Glands

Quantity of Saliva produced from different Salivary Glands

Human saliva is 98% water and 2% of other components like Electrolytes, Mucus, Antibacterial compounds ans various digestive enzymes which breakdown food mainly starch and fat in food at molecular level.

The amount of Saliva secreted in a day depends on many factors like medication, psychological condition, diseases, type of food taken, amount of food taken etc

The Amount of Saliva secreted by Salivary glands in a single day is 0.5 to 0.75 L or 500 to 750 ML

There are many Drugs

Major Salivary Glands: (95% of  Total saliva)

  • Parotid Gland: 60 – 65 %  containing Proteinaceous watery secretions
  • Submandibular Gland: 20-30% containing Low protein & high viscosity that parotid gland secretion
  • Sublingual Gland: 2-5% containing Viscous saliva rich in S IgA

Minor Salivary Glands:

  • Contains 5% of the total volume of Saliva produced



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