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Dental Robot fits first Dental Implant without any Human involvement

In a first of its kind, a Dental Robot system named Yomi has successfully carried out the procedure of placing two Dental Implants in a patients mouth without much human involvement. The success of this procedure has opened up a whole new field in Dentistry – Dental Robotics which can be the ...Read More

New Dental Implant with built-in Reservoir for drugs – Is it the end of Implant failures?

In modern Dentistry, Dental Implants have played a major role in helping Dentists and Dental patients replace missing teeth without any invasive procedures affecting the adjacent teeth. But the number of Implant failures has also been a major shortcoming with both the patients and Dentists thinking twice before going in for a Dental ...Read More

What is Ferrule Effect and what are the Types of Ferrules

Ferrule Effect is defined as “a 360 degree metal collar of the crown surrounding the parallel walls of the dentine extending coronal to the shoulder of the preparation” by Sorensen & Engelman. As much as coronal tooth as possible should be preserved, and a abut-joint margin between the core and tooth be ...Read More

How to Clean Dentures and Retainers properly and Safely

Almost every other person at some point of time in their lives will be either using a Denture or Retainer either by themselves or in their family. One thing which is important to note with either Retainers or Dentures is that they are always removable and need to be removed from the ...Read More

Classifications of Residual Ridge Morphology for Complete Denture

Residual Alveolar Ridge is the absence of teeth after tooth extraction and after extraction of the teeth the bone starts to resorb which is called as Residual Ridge resorption. The Maxilla and Mandible resorb differently, with the Maxilla becoming narrower or decreasing in width and the mandible becomes wider. What is a ...Read More

Ante’s Law in Fixed Prosthodontics

Ante’s Law is a concept given by Irvin Ante in 1926 which helps in determining the amount of support which has to be taken to replace missing teeth which has been given in terms of peri-cemental area of the abutment teeth. This has been adopted and reinforced by other authors – Johnston, ...Read More

Types of Flap Designs for Dental Implant placement

Implantology is major part of Dentisty now and every Dentist is interested in including Implantology in their Dental Clinic. There are many courses and Diplomas which are giving you required education and also the required practical exposure to do implants on your own. So let us here look at one of the ...Read More

A 2,300 year Old Dental Implant unearthed by Archaeologists

If you are thinking that Implants are the latest trend in Dentistry think again, recently in a study published in journal Antiquity published that in a recent discovery of the remains of a Celtic woman in northern France they found an Iron Implant in the jaw along with the other dentition. This ...Read More

Tooth or Dental Spacing – Causes and Treatment

Dental or Tooth Spacing is a very complicated yet simple complication which requires knowledge about types of spacing and what treatment plan is required. Spacing is a very common complication in Anterior teeth which has to be corrected to bring out the perfect smile everyone wish for. Treatments to close Dental Spaces is ...Read More

Are all Dentures created equal?

Millions of people will at some point in their lives benefit from dentures or related products such as dental bridges, crowns or partial dentures. There’s no shame in being fitted for these products and their necessity may arise from tooth loss, gum problems, injury or age. It’s important to understand that the ...Read More

Hyper Salivation or Sialorrhea in Denture Wearing Patients – Causes and Treatment

Hyper Salivation or Increase in Saliva after wearing Complete Dentures is a very common after effect of First time denture wearers, this is considered normal because the Oral Cavity or Mouth is getting used to the new Dentures presence. The Gingiva and other Soft tissues react to the presence of a new ...Read More

Best Books to follow for Oral or Dental Implantology

Oral or Dental Implantology has now become a major part of Dentistry because of the increased awareness of the patients and the increased knowledge and training of Dentists in this field. Implantology is included under Prosthodontics and Periodontics where both the Specializations are now actively involved in teaching Implantology. To become an ...Read More

Instruments used for Recoding Jaw Relations in Complete Denture

Jaw Relations is defined as “Any relationship of Maxilla to Mandible”. To determine the exact relation of Maxilla to mandible in edentulous patients who are getting complete denture Jaw relations is the most important step which gives you the Vertical relation and Horizontal relation of Maxilla to mandible. The Steps done in ...Read More

Reasons for why your Dental Crown / Restorations Fall Out

Most of the people who are going to get or are having dental Crown have 2 questions in mind: Why do Dental Crown/Fillings/Restoration fall out ? This article will give you the reasons because of which your Dental Filling or Restoration may fall out. But remember that everyday in our Dental Clinic/Hospital/College ...Read More