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What are the Micro organisms seen in diseases and Normal Oral cavity

Oral cavity is a hub of micro organisms by default, there are huge number of bacteria in the oral cavity some of which are beneficial while some are harmful. The presence and increase of different types of bacteria in the oral cavity depends on the oral and general health of the person. ...Read More

Drug for Alzheimer’s helps in regenerating Dentin by activating stem cells to treat Dental caries

Drugs used for one disease or condition has found the be useful in some other conditions as well and this has been found true in the case of a drug used for Alzheimer’s. This drug, when used in teeth with dental caries has been found to activate the stem cells in tooth feeling ...Read More

List of Dental Treatments which require Antibiotic Prophylaxis

Dental Treatments are usually divided into two types, one which are done to cure or prevent any infection such as periapical infection and the other type being cosmetic which are done to enhance the appearance of the teeth like Bleaching, Composite restorations, dental crowns etc. So the first kind of treatments usually ...Read More

How to decrease pain and swelling after Wisdom Tooth removal

Getting a Wisdom Tooth removed is a pretty stressful procedure for the patient, although there will not be any pain during the procedure due to the effect of anesthesia, post surgery there are chances of pain and swelling which are normal for post wisdom teeth surgery. When there is bone cutting or ...Read More

5 changes in Dental Clinic to help decrease patient Anxiety and Stress

Dental Clinic can be a very intimidating place for a patient who is apprehensive or visiting the dentist for the first time or experienced a previous bad dental visit. It is very common for the patients to be having Fear and Anxiety during a dental visit. As a Dentist, we have to ...Read More

Why cannot the Dentist get my Teeth Numb with Local Anesthesia

Getting a Tooth numb before any procedure in the dental clinic is one of the main things which every Dentist would like to get and all the patients would feel comfortable with, but there are some or shall I say many situations when your Dentist cannot get your teeth numb even after ...Read More

Will electric toothbrush cause Bleeding from gums

This is one of the most common questions which patients ask me when they see bleeding gums. “Is the bleeding from gums caused due to electric toothbrush?”. In some cases this is true but in most cases it is not, the main reason for bleeding gums is due to gum disease. There ...Read More

Types of Double Seal techniques to get Ideal Coronal Seal in Endodontically or Root Canal Treated Teeth

In Root Canal Treatment, one of the most important factor to determine the success of this procedure is to get the perfect Coronal Seal. It is very important in every Root canal treated tooth as the Seal is the one which is protecting the Tooth from External infective factors like Saliva and ...Read More

Oral Signs and Symptoms of Anemia due to Iron Deficiency

Anemia caused due to Iron Deficiency which is caused due to blood loss has many Oral signs and symptoms and it is important to a dentist to identify these and act accordingly. Iron deficiency Anemia is the most common type of anemia which affects approximately 30% of the world’s population. It can ...Read More

Objectives of an Ideal Access Cavity Preparation in Root Canal treatment

Root Canal Treatment starts with a perfect Access Opening and the success of the Root Canal Treatment depends mainly on the shape and whether the Access opening is following the below mentioned objectives. Access Cavity is the first step to a successful root canal treatment and the steps which follow are based ...Read More

How to identify and treat patients suffering from Ebola Virus in Dental Clinics

Ebola virus disease (EVD) which was earlier known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans which is caused by the Ebola Virus which was was has infected Humans through Wild animals and it is spreading in humans through human to human contact like body fluids. The most ...Read More

Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique

Posterior Superior Nerve Block is used to block or Anesthetize the Posterior Superior alveolar Nerve which will anesthetize the Maxillary Molars except the Mesio-Buccal root of First Maxillary Molar which is supplied by the Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve. Posterior Superior Nerve Block the LA agent is deposited in proximity to the Anatomical ...Read More

Angular Cheilitis – Definition, Clinical Features and Treatment

Angular cheilitis can be divided into two parts in which Angular meaning corner of the mouth and Cheilitis meaning inflammation of the lips which means inflammation of the corner of the lips. Synonyms for Angular Cheilitis: Angular Cheilosis, Perleche, Stomatitis Definition of Angular Stomatitis: It is a multi factorial disease affecting the ...Read More

Treatment of Gum Diseases linked to Improvement in General Health

All of us have heard that Oral Health is linked to General Health and if you maintain good oral hygiene and periodontal health your overall general health will also improve drastically. All this while these were speculations but now a study has been conducted by Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat. Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat of ...Read More