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Difference between Preiapical, Lateral Radicular and Residual cysts

What is the Difference between Periapical, Radicular and Residual Cysts ??

Periapical Cyst:- Also known as Radicular cyst

These are the True cysts lined by Epithelium, present at the apex of Non Vital tooth which are stimulated by inflammation.

Lateral Radicular Cyst:-

These are the radicular cysts which are present on the mesial or Distal aspects of the root mostly seen at the opening of lateral accessory root canals of offending tooth.

Residual Periapical Cyst:-

These are the radicular cysts which remains even after extraction of offending tooth. These are round to oval radiolucency of variable size within the alveolar ridge at the site of extracted tooth.

Differences between periapical lateral radicular and residual cyst


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