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Is Amalgam Filling Dangerous? See Peter Ward Chief Executive of the BDA Answer it

Amalgam Filling is the most commonly done restoration around the world, and there have been speculations on whether it is dangerous or not,

So here is a T.V Interview with Peter Ward Chief Executive of the British Dental Association answering the Question

The other Questions were

1) Do you accept that Mercury is a toxin?

Ans: Yes.

2) Do you acceot that it goes into our body through amalgam fillings?

Ans: No real evedence that Mercury causes problems that way.

And here comes the most exiting part, where Peter Ward goes ‘LaLaLaLaLaLaLa .

Watch the Video here :


  1. I just want to know why we have to pay so much for a routine check up.Last month my dentist charged me £30 to be seen and the he opened my mouth and i told him that i was having a little pain he checked and said to me i would have to have two fillings which would be about £450 but could be more.Anyway on that day he didn’t even give me a polish,i wasn’t even in the seat for no longer than ten seconds and i was charged £30 for that.I want to know why we pay national insurence and then can’t get the treatment and we still have to pay for poor service its really bad.I can’t afford to pay for a £500 filling its ridiculouse.Why is it that the alternative is to go to the hospital dentist emergency where they are students and waiting to be seen up and till four ,five hours but the problem with that is u have to back and forth for assesments,especialy when appointments are maybe two a week at certain time and to top it all off this mercury is no good?All im saying is every month i pay national insurence and i think that should be apart of my dentist check and costs because i really upset out here,why is our country worst for dentist.

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