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Official Notification about the fate of 2007 Batch

Yesterday DCI had announced that Semester wise examinations will be conducted starting from the 2008-09 batch. But what about the 2007 batch what have they given in the 4 page long notification issued by the DCI officially.

What is given related to the 2007-08 Batch Students:

As given in the DCI Notification:

“Note: It is recommended by the DCI that the colleges who have implemented the revised BDS course Regulation, 2007 in 2007 itself has to carry on with the existing 5 yr programme. Regarding internship for this batch it is upto the respective university to decide. Further, the Admissions made from the year 2008-09, the students may be included in this amendment provided the concerned University’s rules permit.”

What Does this mean to the 2007-08 batch:

  • There will be no change in the regulations or the Examination Schedule for the 2007-08 batch both the regular and the referred batches.
  • They will be having exams as given in their schedule 4 subjects in 4th yr and 4 subjects in the 5th year.

What is the Good News for the 2007-08 batch:

  • Inclusion of Internship for the 2007-08 batch will the decision of their Respective Universities.
  • If your State University decides to include Internship for the 2007 batch then it will be after the completion of the 5 yr course.

Lets hope this mean some good news for the students of the 2007 batch that their Universities have the option wether to include or not Internship for their Students.

Lets hope for the best. Here is an image of the Notification where this option is mentioned.

2007-08 batch Regulation update


  1. sir what about the eligibility for various pg entrance examinations… are we eligible without 1 year of internship

  2. can we do intership frm other colleges other than our own. and will we gt d payment if we did d intership frm other colleges…….. pls reply……….

  3. Yes we can do Internship in other colleges:
    The Steps to follow are
    You have to get permission from your college and pay some amount for the same to your college.
    Get permission from your University pay some amount for the same to your university.
    Submit the required documents to the New college where you want to do internship from and you also have to pay some amount for the same to this college.

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