Parotid Fascia borders and location

Parotid fascia is the superficial layer of deep cervical fascia which splits to enclose the parotid gland. Over the lateral surface of gland it is called as parotid fascia.

The parotid fascia sends numerous septae passing among the lobules of glandular tissue.

Parotid Fascia continues or extends anteriorly as the Superficial layer of Deep Cervical Fascia.

Parotid Fascia and its borders

Borders of Parotid Fascia:

Superiorly: Parotid fascia is fused to zygoma.
Inferiorly: Parotid fascia continues inferiorly as Deep cervical fascia.
Posteriorly: Parotid fascia is fused to Acoustic meatus and to the anterior borders of Sternocleidomastoid muscle.
Anteriorly: Parotid fascia continues to invest ito masseter anteriorly.

The deep fascia of the medial side is thinner and continues with the fascia of styloid muscle.
Parotid fascia forms a part of stylomandibular ligament before fusing with the fascia of digastric muscle and the periosteum at the angle of the mandible.

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