10 Guidelines for a Better Breath | How to Control Bad Breath

We try to get better breath when we are suffering from Halitosis(Bad breath) or are very intelligent and think that “Precaution is better than cure” and maintain good hygiene and proper maintenance of teeth, so that the complication never appears.

“To maintain good oral hygiene” is the “mantra” to prevent any oral diseases.

So here is a list of tips by following which we can prevent the condition of Halitosis from appearing.

First thing to know for prevention of halitosis are the foods which can be the cause of bad breath, given below are a list of commonly eaten food which can lead to halitosis.

Dont be like JOE in the pic, follow these simple steps to get rid of Bad Breath

how to get rid of Bad Breath

  • Proteins found in food:
  • Garlic onion and spices:
  • Dairy products like milk, yogurt, ice cream, panner. . .etc:
  • Chewing gum and mint with sugars:
  • High sugar containing foods:
  • Alcohol:
  • Smoking:
  • Coffee:
  • Chocolates:
  • Tobacco,pan, ghutka…etc:

1) So First tip is to take less quantity of these foods and to have at least a gargle after taking in any of these foods.

This is the main factor which will help you maintain a good and healthy oral cavity which will lead to good health. Just gargle with Mouth wash in the morning after brushing in the morning and with normal water after each meal you have. This will comprehensively improve your oral hygiene and will remove the factors causing  Bad breath or halitosis.

2)A well balanced Diet:

Patients suffering from halitosis should take a well-balanced diet consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits, with emphasis on raw and cooked vegetables, and fruits. In case of constipation, all measures should be adopted for its eradication. The patient should avoid refined carbohydrate foods, such as white sugar; white bread and products made from them, as well as meat find eggs.a well balanced diet

3) Brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste:

Which helps your remove food debris and plaque from between the adjacent teeth and also its accumulation in the vestibules. Brushing is mainly done to remove the accumulated food particles on the surfaces of the tooth or in the occlusal surface of the teeth in the pits on the occlusal surface mainly in the posterior teeth.

cleaning teeth

4) Cleaning the teeth and gums thoroughly:

This is also ans important point to be note, the teeth and the gums have to be cleaned thoroughly, we should take care that there are no food particles stuck in between teeth after a meal, if neglected the food particles are attacked by microorganisms and cause its decomposition which in turn leads to foul smell and so bad breath.

Cleaning of Gums should also never be neglected as the gums cover the part of the alveolar ridge which is surrounded by the cheek and lips, this forms a kind of valley(vestibule) which can be a site of food accumulation, this food  here also acts as a source of foul smell, so care should be taken to prevent accumulation of food particles.

5) Cleaning of Tongue: Might look silly but this is one of the most important causes of halitosis or bad breath, cleaning the dorsal/upper surface of tongue with the help of a tongue cleaner is essential daily at least once during brushing, this makes the tongue free from accumulation of food debris and also from the accumulation of microorganisms in the food.

We can see that during fever there is a white layer formed on the latter part of the tongue which is the cause of foul smell emitting from the mouth, this layer formation is also seen in normal people if proper care is not taken.

So the 4th tip is to clean tongue thoroughly once a day.tongue cleaning

6) Keep the oral cavity properly Hydrated all the time:

Keeping the oral cavity or more precisely mouth hydrated all the time can keep us away from bad breath, by drinking good amount of water daily will keep halitosis at a distance from us.

Drinking water acts as a natural cleaner in the body it cleanses the body of all the toxins, In Yoga drinking atleast 500ml of water early in the morning after brushing is recommended to have a healthy living.

7) Flossing once a Day

” Flossing is a critical step in creating the foundation for a healthy and beautiful smile.”

Flossing once a day is essential to maintain a healthy set of teeth, As Flossing removes plaque between teeth and below the gum line in the vestibule area and also helps in dislodging the pieces of food trapped between teeth which otherwise cannot be brushed or rinsed away.

Dental experts overwhelmingly agree that daily flossing is a critical, preventive step in reducing tooth decay and gum diseases.flossing

Here is a link to a video which shows flossing made easy: How to FLOSS

There is no proper way to floss it differs in different individuals, so do it in a way you feel comfortable in.

8 ) Treat Oral diseases:

the presence of oral diseases is a cause of bad breath or halitosis, some oral diseases like oral thrush can  lead to bad breath, so knowing the exact cause of the bad breath is necessary to treat it efficiently.

9) Chew Sugar free Chewing Gums:

Chewing sugar free gums decreases the chances of halitosis t a great deal, as we chew the salivary glands are stimulated and there is  an increase in release in saliva from them this helps in washing out of the food particles and as saliva has anti bacterial property it aslo helps in killing the bacteria.

So it really helps in preventing bad breath, but use only sugar free gums as the gums which contain sugar can become the cause of bad breath s the they may be the supplier of sugars to the bacteria for their growth.sugarfree gums

10) Avoid Antibiotics:

The use of antibiotics many times leads to bad breath, this is due to increase in body heat and the presence of artificial immune agents and the decrease in our natural immune system leads to growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, commonly seen during use of antibiotics is the appearance of sore throat which may lead to bad breath.antibiotics

“So these were some of the Important guidelines to prevent bad breath from troubling your life”


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