3D-Printed Antimicrobial Teeth could replace traditional Dental Implants

With the new age diet, fast paced lifestyle and food habits there is an alarming increase in dental related problems, with the traditional form of treatment being Fillings, Root Canals, Extraction and Implants there is a new procedure in development which takes advantage of the latest 3D printing technology. Researchers in Netherlands have created a 3D printed tooth/Dental Implant by a stereolithography process which is said to be resistant and even destroy harmful bacteria in the oral cavity.

According to the researchers of University of Groningen, the resin or plastic used is made of antimicrobial Quaternary ammonium salts which are positively charged this makes them potent towards bacterial membranes which are negatively charged. This does not make them harmful to cells of out body.

3D printing used to create periodontal scaffolds and help in craniofacial deformities

With this research, the option of adding active chemical substances to polymers capable of 3D printing opens up a huge scope in the medical field in general or Implants and more so for Dental Implants. This research can be used in mass production of non-medical substances as well in the future making them not only sterile but also active antimicrobial agents in food packaging, children’s toys etc.

Researchers at University of Groningen tested the efficacy of the antimicrobial resin by introducing it to Streptococcus mutans which a common cause of tooth decay and found most commonly in oral cavity. Almost 99% of the bacteria was eliminated which is quite impressive and makes future of Dental Implants quite bright.

It has to be tested vigorously as the oral cavity is exposed to a lot of substances like mouth washes, tooth pastes many varieties of food substances etc which can affect the efficacy of the Resin and might hinder in its antimicrobial properties. There is a long way to go but the future on Antimicrobial Dental Implants looks promising.

Source: ScienceAlert.com

Research Publication: 3D-Printable Antimicrobial Resins

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