7 Steps to prevent Swine Flu

Swine Flu or the H1N1 Flu which is officially declared as the Pandemic is causing havoc all around the world, witht he death toll constantly rising and the number of people getting infected constantly on the rise and in a condition where the goverenment is helpless about the situation, we have to save/protect ourselves from this dreaded disease.

As i always Say “Prevention is Better than Cure” So better prevent than Suffer.

Here i am going to jot downw the most important and the essential steps to prevent contacting Swine Flu, by following these you can prevent yourself and your family from getting infected:

  1. Avoid Crowded places: Avoid crowded places, as these are the palces where the virus is more prevelant.The Virus which can travel through our sneeze and then infect the other person makes crowded places a “Strict No No”
  2. Wear a Face Mask: Wear a Facemask where ever you go, mainly in crowded places. If you cannot avoid visiting crowded places then you have to wear a facemask all the time. This is an effective way to prevent contacting Swine flu as it mostly infects from person to person throush aerosols in air which mostly are droplets from sneezes.
  3. Wash your hands properly: Washing your hands after visiting some place is a must as we canbe carrying the virus on our hands which was resting on any surface which we might have touched, so Proper hand washing should be done to prevent the spread of Swine Flu.
  4. Stay away from Flu patients: Stay away from people who you think have the symptoms regarding swine flu, it is better to be away from them be it your collegue or you life partner, it is better to stay away for the movement rather than to loose your life. Stay away from Sneezes/ Cough . .etc (Maintenance of a 3 to 6 foot perimeter around a coughing patient)
  5. Avoid Direct Contact: It is better to avoid direct contact with people having Flu like symptoms, Even a handshake could transfer the virus. So better avoid Handshake, Hugging, Kissing. . etc
  6. Get Tested as early as possible: Getting tested on the earliest onset of the symptoms is strongly recomended, as this could save your life. There are many Hospitals which are ready to treat you.
  7. Be Isolated on the earliest onset of symptoms: On the earliest onset of Symptoms of  Swineflu one whould be isolated from others, and try your best to avoid schools, colleges and workplace.
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