8 Best ways to Improve your Dental Practice | Tips and Trick to Improve Dental Practice Marketing Online

Dental Practice is not just about setting up a clinic and waiting for patients to come by and spread word about your clinic through word of mouth or through pamphlets being distributed. Dental Practice is also a Business where Dentists are the Businessmen and the Patients our Clients. As we see in every Business the art of Advertising and promoting a product or service is giving high priority as the service provided it self, so in Dentistry too it is very important to promote your services and your Dental Clinic to get to the people and to get noticed.

Along with good Progressive Dental Marketing ideas we need to have Affordable Dental Marketing so that the Dentist can make profits from.

What is Dental Business Management ?

Tips for Dental Practice Marketing

It is nothing but implementing good Dental Marketing Ideas to attract the right customers to your dental clinic.

The best way in today’s world is through the Internet, people have become more conscious about gaining knowledge about the Dentist, Dental Clinic and the reputation of the dentist and the treatment which should be rendered for the problem they are suffering from before they even enter the Dentists clinic. All this is possible through internet, so if we are able make our presence on the internet with a good Dental Website and Video Channel for our cases we can surely get the confidence of our Patients even before they meet us or enter our dental clinic.

Here are the 8 Best ways to Improve you Dental Practice Online:

1. Dental Website: 

Make an Official Website for your Dental Practice, i am going to list out the information which can be used on the website which will surely gain confidence of our patients before they meet us in person, you can give the details like:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Dental Experience
  •  Treatment options available
  • Before and After Images of Treatments rendered (do not put fake images which will surely deter the patients away)
  • Prices of Treatments rendered (most people do not show the treatment costs)
  • And Discount offers which you are giving away 
  • Patient Testimonials (most important as people believe when a patient who has experienced your treatment says that he is satisfied)

2. Facebook Page:

Having a Facebook page is a huge benefit as most of the people in the world are on Facebook and being able to reach people through Facebook is a major advantage to attract patients, we can upload treatment options and Before and after treatment photos, give useful tips about maintaining dental health and even answer queries about dental problems which will help gain their confidence and make sure they visit our clinic in future.

3. Youtube Video Channel Marketing:  

In your Dental practice make it a habit to take videos of your Treatment procedures which you are going to render. It is a very effective and the most efficient way to show the patients what they will be offered in your Dental Clinic. You can create youtube video channel and post videos of your treatment procedures which will give a clear view of your treatment to the patients and a very effective way to attract patients to your Dental Practice.

4. Local Listing Service: 

There are many Local Listing services which provide you with information regarding various hospitals, services, hotels, shops etc with a call or message and listing your Dental Clinic in such Local Listing Service providers in your area is a very good option to make sure that if people contact these providers your Dental Clinic will be listed and made available.

5. Dental SMS and Mobile Marketing:

Each and every person on the  planet these days has a mobile phone and are regular users of Messaging and Texting, so why not take advantage of the fact that most of the local listings are done via mobile phone and if we can target mobile phone users Dental Services can also be advertised and target the group of people who need the services in their locality. Make sure you target your own Locality and not places else where to make sure you profit from the investment you are making into mobile marketing. Dental Practice Mobile and SMS marketing

6. Dental Email Marketing:

Email marketing has been there from many years and still is going strong and used by many fields to enhance their websites so why not Dentists, we can use Email marketing to get to Patients with our Dental Clinic discounts, treatments, offers and let them know that we are available in case of need for Dental treatment. Obtaining genuine Emails is an important task and it should be done carefully.

7. Twitter Marketing: 

Twitter marketing and publicity has become very popular and many businesses are being publicised in 140 charecters, and we can also take advantage of Twitter by maintaining an account on the name of you Dental Clinic and updating regularly and being active with updates and offers.

8. Radio, Television and Newspaper marketing:

After we have finished with the latest trends lets look at the age old trend of marketing through Radio ads and Television ads and Newspaper ads which are followed by many even in the era dominated by Internet.

Dental Marketing advertismentsDentists should publicize with effective and attractive ads which will catch the attention of viewers and listeners and not ignored as just another ad. The concepts should be innovative and make sure you get a good result for what you have spent so much on.

Note: In some Countries Dental Marketing through Radio, TV and Newspaper is termed Illegal.

In the End it is upto the Dental Practitioner to decide which modes of marketing strategies are best suited to him and his Dental Clinic. We all know that every dental clinic has its advantages and disadvantages based on location so it is upto us to improve the way we potray ourselves and remember that Dental Practice depends in the end on Patient satisfaction, the patient comes to us with a problem and we as Dentists should do everything in our power to relieve him/her of their problem and give them satisfaction with a simple and non strenous procedure.



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