A to Z of Steps to be taken in Emergency situations of Reviving the patient

As a doctor we all should be aware of the steps which should be taken in case of any Emergency which we might come across in daily life or in our Dental Clinics during any procedure. An emergency can arise in any case, while administering Anesthesia if the patient is allergic to LA and experience anaphylactic reaction, Airway blockage, Cardiac problems while on the Dental chair, Seizures (in patients with history of Epilepsy) etc.

It is a must to have a Dental Emergency Kit in your Dental clinic / hospital to help in such emergency situations, the contents of the kit help you in case of any unfortunate emergency which you might need to face during any Dental procedure in your Dental office.

These are the most important Resuscitation steps to be taken care of first in case of any emergency which will help you maintain the Vitals of the patient till you can shift the patient to Emergency Medical Center or till Emergency Medical practitioners arrive.

Emergency Resuscitation ABCDE:

A – Airway: Always make sure that Airway is clear without any obstructions
B: Breathing: Make sure that the patient is able to breathe properly
C: Circulation: Blood Circulation should be maintained
D: Drugs: Administer Emergency drugs to keep the vitals stable till help arrives
E: Examination: Examine the patient to keep the Vitals stable and prevent further degradation of the condition

A to Z of Emergency Resusitation

These are the steps to be kept in mind while the patient is in Emergency care in hospital. These are the main aspects which should be kept under control.

ICU management: A to Z

A: Asepsis/ Airway
B: Bed sore/ encourage Breathing/ Blood pressure
C: Circulation/ encourage Coughing/ Consciousness
D: Drains
F: Fluid status
G: GI losses/ Gag reflex
H: Head positioning/ Height
I: Insensible losses
J: Jugular venous pulse
K: Kindness
L: Limb care/ Label
M: Mouth care
N: Nociception/ Nutrition
O: Oxygenation/ Orient the patient
P: Pulse/ Peristalsis/ Physiotherapy
Q: Quiet surroundings
R: Respiratory rate/ Restraint
S: Stress ulcer/ Suctioning
T: Temperature
U: Urine
V: Ventilator
W: Wounds/ Weight
X: Xerosis
Y: whY
Z: Zestful care of the patient

It is important to follow the above mentioned steps from A-Z in case of emergency or while the patient is admitted in ICU for any medical illness or in case of any emergency.

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