junior dentistJunior Dentist is a site by a Dentist for Dental Students.

Junior Dentist site surrounds and fulfills the needs and doubts of the dental students and helps in becoming a better dentist.

A dentist is a recognized medical professional who specializes in the field of teeth, gums and the parts of oral cavity. The average duration for completing a graduation in Dentistry takes about 5 years in India, and varies all over.
This site is dedicated to provide information for Dental students & enthusiasts who are seeking their dental courses, from stepping in to the completion of the course.
Life of a dental student explained by a Student!

I am Varun Pandula, completed my graduation in Bachelors of Dental surgery (BDS) from India, i want to share my knowledge which i have gained from my education to all the newbies and give a view to the world what dentistry is all about.

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