ADA sues McCain and Palin

The American dental association files suit in the DC Superior Court against the presidential candidate and the vice presidential candidate Palin for using the words “Drill, baby, drill!” in relation to improving the power facilities.

This was strongly oposed by the ADA which owns this slogan and the words are the intellectual property of the ADA.

This is what the ADA had to say in their official website:

” We’re certainly not going to remain silent when Drill baby, drill is hijacked”

And Edward Silvers, lead counsel from American Dental Association, said yesterday that:

“My clients have owned the term Drill baby, drill since the mid-1970’s, and they’re not about to allow anyone, even someone running for president, to violate their intellectual property.”

McCain camp was quick to react and striked back on ADA by saying:

“Well geez, we just want cheap gas and stuff, and these Obama-loving dentists want to keep us from doing that. How un-American is that?”

This is turning out to be an ugly battle between the ADA and the MCCain camp.

Edward Silvers on behalf of the ADA told that the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee have ignored repeated caution towards the use of the phrases.

Let us see how the ugly battle between the ADA and the McCain camp turns out.

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  1. November 8, 2008

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