What is the Amount of Saliva Produced from different Salivary Glands

The Quantity of Saliva produced from different Salivary Glands varies from person to person but on an average, the amount of saliva produced by each salivary gland is calculated and has been mentioned here. 

Human saliva is 98% water and 2% of other components like Electrolytes, Mucus, Antibacterial compounds and various digestive enzymes which breakdown food mainly starch and fat in food at a molecular level.

The amount of Saliva secreted in a day depends on many factors like medication, psychological condition, diseases, type of food taken, amount of food taken etc and this varies from person to person and day to day depending on many factors such as food habits, temperature etc.

The Amount of Saliva secreted by Salivary glands in a single day is 0.5 to 0.75 L or 500 to 750 ML

Major Salivary Glands: (95% of  Total saliva)

  • Parotid Gland: 60 – 65 %  containing Proteinaceous watery secretions
  • Submandibular Gland: 20-30% containing Low protein & high viscosity that parotid gland secretion
  • Sublingual Gland: 2-5% containing Viscous saliva rich in S IgA

Minor Salivary Glands:

  • Contains 5% of the total volume of Saliva produced

Increased Saliva Production: There are many Drugs which act on the salivary glands to decrease the amount of saliva produced called as “Antisialagogues” which are used in persons who have increased salivary production which can be heridiatery or due to any medical condition and sometimes a cause of medication given to treat other problems. 

Antisialagogue drugs examples – Atropine, Opium, Alkalies, Belladona, Stramonium, tobacco etc

Decreased Saliva Production: This leads to a condition called as Dry Mouth which is caused due to decrease in the normal amount of saliva produced. which is also a cause of many conditions – illness, heridiatery, medication etc. If some of the Antisialagogue medication is given for other conditions it can lead to Dry mouth and it has to be treated with Sialagogues.  

Sialagogue drugs examples – Parasympathomimetic drugs (Pilocarpine), Chewing Gum, Maltic and Ascorbic acid etc. Many herbal or plant sources can also be used such as Sanguinaria canadensis, Iris versicolor, Capsicum minimum etc. 

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