Anomalies of Colors of Teeth – Developmental Disturbances

Teeth in General are considered to be white but most of the population does not have white teeth but are usually slightly yellowish which comes under normal. The daily food which we consume plays a major role in turning out teeth into the shades of yellow which we see in every person. In children we see that when the permanent teeth which erupt for the first time are more white than adult teeth.

In patients we can determine the local or systemic disease which tends to result in discoloration of teeth. We are going to show the various colors which the teeth are seen in and the reasons behind it. There are many other developmental disturbances of teeth – Developmental Disturbances of teeth, Syndromes related to developmental disturbances of teeth

Discoloration of color of teeth - developmental disturbances

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Color of Teeth Diseases causing color change
Yellow Tetracycline staining

Abnormal calcium metabolism

Amelogenesis imperfecta

Elevated Bilurubin (Jaundice)

Brown Tetracycline staining

Abnormal calcium metabolism

Amelogenesis imperfect

Cystic fibrosis


Turner’s local trauma hyperplasia

Deposition of salivary mucins with metal content

Elevated Bilurubin (Jaundice)

Blue Erythroblastosis fetalis

Rh incompatibility

Sickel cell anemia or thalassemia

Staning of secondary enamel cuticle

Extrinsic stains

White Amelogenesis imperfect


Snowcapped teeth

Traumatic opacities

Red-brown porphyria
Gray Dentinogenesis imperfect

Tetracycline staining

Mostly these diseases affect the teeth during their growth stage or before the eruption time. Yellow or Brown color teeth are seen in decidious teeth as well in cases like elevated bilurubin in body due to jaundice. As we all know that the eruption of teeth starts from around 6 years of age and extends to 18 years or more for the third molars to erupt into the oral cavity. The stains which tend to dis color whole teeth is intrinsic stains which affect the teeth before calcification. Some causes like Tetracycline stains show different colors based on the amount of tetracycline entered the human body. The tetracycline stains in initial stages appear Yellow, in case more amount of compound is seen it turns into Brown and sometimes it is seen as Gray as well.

To find out the Causes or the Etiology of the Stains, we should co relate the systemic symptoms as well to get to a proper diagnosis which will be helpful in treating the discoloration. Depending on the Etiology of the discoloration the treatment modality should be changed. In case of Amologenesis imperfecta superficial or cosmetic treatment will be sufficient like Laminates or Veneers for anteriors, in case of Dentinogenesis Imperfecta sometimes the need of Root Canal Treatment and Crown or Onlays are required because the tooth structure becomes weak.

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