Are all Dentures created equal?

Millions of people will at some point in their lives benefit from dentures or related products such as dental bridges, crowns or partial dentures. There’s no shame in being fitted for these products and their necessity may arise from tooth loss, gum problems, injury or age.

It’s important to understand that the term ‘dentures’ isn’t a catch-all term for those ungainly plastic upper and lower teeth that some of our grandparents used to wear. There are many different products that need to be tailored to each individual client.

Full upper and lower dentures are common, and in the modern world they’re a well-designed and convenient product, but some clients may be better suited to partial dentures which can be made from metal alloy, acrylics or plastic. Others may prefer single dental implants and some might opt for a convenient removable dental bridge between existing teeth.Are all Dentures created equal

If you’ve suffered an injury and lost a tooth an implant can the best way to restore the tooth, but this can be expensive. If you’ve lost teeth due to age, you might get a bridge or you might opt for a couple of extractions in order to get a full upper and lower set of dentures.

Dentures are certainly not equal in cost, quality, or efficacy. A good set of dentures needs multiple fittings along with good analysis of how they conform to the contours and dynamics of your mouth.

A cheap set of same day dentures can be made from a rudimentary moulding process, but they won’t always be of the best quality. With that said, a modern set of same day dentures can be perfectly acceptable to many clients.

Using a mould is the primary way of making dentures but the science and analytics which surrounds this procedure is vital to get the best set. The mould will outline all of your dental ridges and it’s then combined with a wax bite mould. The best denture providers now tend to inject acrylic instead of the pouring process which was prevalent before; this makes the new teeth much more accurate after heat curing.

If you’re wary of slippage or you simply want the most secure option, denture implants are now quite common. This involves small titanium posts being inserted into the dental ridge.

Conscientious denture care is also vital in terms of washing, cleaning and even looking after your remaining teeth (if this is the case). Overnight denture cleaners and even 5 minute quick clean solutions are readily available from companies like Polident. Specialist denture brushes are also available with softer bristles to avoid wear and tear.

Enjoy the confidence of your new dentures and make yourself aware of the best options for your own individual case.

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