Armamentarium or Instruments used in Oral Surgery

Instruments used in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, this is important for students in Dental schools who need to know the instruments required and helps them prepare for the OMFS departments.

Armamentarium or Instruments used in Oral Surgery

The Armamentarium or Instruments used in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery:

Here are some of the basic instruments that i have listed out, please comment if i have missed any so that i can include it in the post.

  • Maxillary and Mandibular Tooth Extraction Forceps
  • Universal Tooth Extraction Forceps
  • Dial/Molt Periosteal Elevator
  • Miller’s apexo straight and angulated elevator (Uses Wedge principal)
  • Straight Elevator (Hospital Elevator) (Uses Lever and Fulcrum principal)
  • Coupland Elevator (Uses Lever and Fulcrum principal)
  • Warwick James elevator ( Uses Lever and Fulcrum principal)
  • Cryer Bar Elevator (Types: Mesial and Distal) (Uses Lever and Fulcrum principal)
  • Cross Bar Elevator (Type Mesial and Distal) (Uses Wheel and Axle principal)
  • Cheatle Forceps
  • Swab holder
  • Towel Clip (Butterfly Shape)
  • Suction tip
  • Suture Needle (curved round and half circle cutting body)
  • Mayo needle holder
  • Dunhill Straight and Curved artery forceps
  • Tissue dissecting forceps
  • Allies soft tissue holding forceps
  • Surgical blades no. 10,11, 12, 15
  • Bard Parker and Scalpel handle no 3 and 4
  • Osteotome
  • Eastman Chisel and Down’s stainless steel mallet
  • Suture Material: Braided black silk (000), Catgut (plain and chromic)
  • Mayo tissue dissecting scissor
  • McIndoes Scissors (Flat and Round end)
  • Curettes (Lucas/discoid/spoon shaped)
  • Volkmanns scoop
  • Bone ronger
  • Austin’s flap retractor
  • Ward’s double ended cheek retractor and tongue depressor
  • Langens retractor (Right angle retractor)
  • Stainless steel wire/wire cutter
  • Erich arch bar
  • Sinus dilator forcep
  • Bone wax
  • Ferguson mouth gascrew type/self retaining
  • Histers Jaw stretcher
  • Mouth Prop: McKesson rubber type, Mushins metal type
  • Rubber Drain – Corrugated
  • Kocher forcep
  • Lion’s bone holding forcep
  • Rowe’s disimpaction forcep
  • Bristowe’s zygomatic arch elevator

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