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Bad Breath

Bad breath(Halitosis) is mainly due to the commensal bacteria present in our oral cavity, Bad breath can be usually noticed early in the mornings just after you get up known as ‘Morning Mouth‘, all the changes occur in the mouth during sleep as there is no chewing or intake of water the ...Read More

The Course Of Dental Education

B.D.S is Divided into Subjective, Practical, Clinical, and Community related subjects, the curriculum is divided in the best suitable way for the students so they can understand each and every step of dentistry in a well organised way : BASIC SCIENCES : – Anatomy, Physiology – Bio-chemistry – Histology(General & Oral) – ...Read More


Morphology : It is the study of the external features of the human body without involving the functions of the particular  organ or the part of the body mentioned. ...Read More

Dental caries – History, Classification and Causes

Dental caries is commonly called tooth decay. Caries in latin is called as ‘rot’ or ‘decay’ and Dental caries means ‘rotten or decayed teeth’. Definition: Dental Caries is an irreversible microbial multifactorial disease of the calcified tissues of the teeth, characterized by de-mineralization of the inorganic portion and destruction of the organic substance ...Read More


Human Physiology is the study of the normal functioning of the human body which are mechanical, physical and chemical modalities of the human body, which is functioning normally without any Disease or Abnormality. It includes the study of the individual organs and their normal functions under normal conditions. Anatomy and Physiology are ...Read More


It is a Profession which deals with the Prevention, Diagnosis, and Cure of the Structures in the Oral cavity as well as the surrounding structures like the Arches and the Soft Tissues  in and around the oral cavity, In dentistry we also deal with correcting the deformities in the oral cavity and ...Read More

Definitions – Bacteria, Plaque and Arches

1) Commensal bacteria : It is the mutual relationship between organisms of 2 different species in which one organism is slightly benefited and the other is not affected by the others presence . The 2 organisms can be divided as Host and the other is the commensal as they stay in the ...Read More

Dental Anatomy

Dental Anatomy : It is the branch of Gross anatomy which deals with morphology of teeth and its surrounding structures (oral cavity). It can also be defined as the study and classification of different teeth in the oral cavity. In this subject we learn about the morphology of all the 28 teeth ...Read More

A brief Review about Biochemistry

Biochemistry which we study here in our field involves the chemical reactions which are related to our human body, which inolve the metabolisms and the essential dietary sources . It is divided into many parts to make the study easy for beginners . first the basic molecules are explained namely : 1) ...Read More