Bad Breath

Bad breath(Halitosis) is mainly due to the commensal bacteria present in our oral cavity, Bad breath can be usually noticed early in the mornings just after you get up known as ‘Morning Mouth‘, all the changes occur in the mouth during sleep as there is no chewing or intake of water the bacteria get sufficient time to settle down and undergoes metabolism and produce waste products of the metabolism which give out such a bad odor that our mouth stinks when we get up in the morning. Many people feel that they are having good oral hygiene and they cannot come to a conclusion on “Hoe do you get Bad Breath”.

Bad Breath

The bad odor coming out of our mouth is mainly due to the excreta of the commensal bacteria present in our oral cavity, they produce many organic compounds during their metabolism, these end products cause the bad breath in mouth.

Bad breath can be caused due to:

  • Poor dental hygiene– Poor brushing habits where people skip brushing
  • Illness– during illness the immunity of he body decreases so the bacteria take advantage and increases in number
  • Infections in the mouth– Painful sores in the mouth, mouth ulcers all these can be a rearing ground for the bacteria so the odor increases during these conditions
  • External agents: some external agents like Garlic consumption, cigarette smoking, chewing tobacco etc, repeated consumptions cause bad breath.
  • Bad Breath after Wisdom Tooth Removal: Bad breath is cause after wisdom tooth removal or after extraction of any tooth. this is because after extraction we do not clean the region properly and food accumulates there to cause bad breath.

A Helpful Post: Guideline for Cure to Bad breath 

Prevention of the disease is better than its cure:

  • Brushing your teeth atleast twice a day or brushing after each meal
  • Flossing daily
  • Rinsing with a mouth wash
  • Drinking pleanty of water daily is best prevention technique to most of the diseases.

 Few home made medication tips for bad breath:

  • Dry coriander can be chewed throughly.
  • After meals chew one clove for 5 mins this really helps.
  • You can chew ani seeds after meals.
  • 2 spoons of mustard oil and salt mixed together and put in mouth and pass it from one end to the other and spit the saliva after sometime.
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