Dental Health is very important and it reflects the General health too in many aspects.We all need to take care of our teeth, but some do it better than others. All you need to do is know and understand the basic knowledge of dental care, and make sure you maintain its practice. That way you’ll keep healthy teeth and gums for years and decades. Just remember these simple rules:

Brushing twice a day
Flossing daily
Rinse your mouth daily with mouthwash
Use interdental brushes
Avoid excess sugary sticky foods and fizzy drinks which affect teeth
Use fluoride containing toothpaste
Regular dental visits

Brush Twice a day – You must brush your teeth twice a day. This will not only reduce plaque and freshen your breath. It will also reduce the chances of your teeth staining, whiten your teeth, and keep them from getting cavities. The last thing you want is have to call on for an emergency procedure because you didn’t do the bare minimum. Brushing every morning is a common habit for everyone as it will help in clearing the halitosis or bad breath, but brushing in the night just before going to sleep is very important as after dinner food stuff gets stuck in between the teeth and if we sleep without cleaning these food particles the bacteria will feast on the debris all night and produce acids which cause Dental Caries. Brushing in the night will eliminate the debris and will prevent the night long production of Acids and harm to the tooth. Excess brushing is also a concern which will lead to several dental conditions like cervical abrasion etc so knownthe proper brushing technique ans donot over do your brushing.

Use floss – Your toothbrush can’t get to every gap in your teeth, which is when floss comes in. You can wedge it between your teeth and pull it back and forth to clear your mouth of caught food and plaque. Regular Flossing will make sure that you clean all the surfaces of your teeth as your tooth brush cannot reach in between your teeth and inter dental caries is also a very common form of caries due to this difficulty of visibility and reach. So make sure you Floss Daily once or even Twice along with Brushing to keep your teeth healthy.

Mouthwash – Listerine and other mouthwashes are very good for your teeth. It not only freshens your breath morning and night, but it will reduce the amount of plaque in your mouth by up to 70 percent more than brushing with a regular toothbrush will. As a result you are less likely to develop gum disease, and your teeth will be strengthened.

Use interdental brushes – Use of interdental brushes to clean the spaces between teeth is recommended as food debris accumilated in between teeth where your conventional tooth brush cannot reach.

Avoid Sugar foods and Fizzy drinks – Try and steer clear of foods with excess amounts of sugar if you can. Fizzy drinks and sweets are particularly bad, and you should remember to brush at the end of the day as Sugars lead to Caries and Fizzy drinks with the presence of acid will lead to erosion of teeth and in turn lead to Sensitivity . Sugary and Sticky foods which get stuck in your toot after eating help and give nutrition to the pathogenic bacteria present on the tooth which are the main cause of Dental Caries. These bacteria feast on the Sugar substances and produce Acids as a by product which causes the degradation of tooth structure.Fizzy Drinks contain mild acids which cause erosion of tooth on regular intake, which will lead to tooth sensitivity which is the most common problem related to teeth in many countries. Sugars can be found even in natural fruits and vegetables, but the worst offenders are sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks. So we need to avoid these harmful substances as much as possible, in case you have to eat make sure you rinse your Oral Cavity thoroughly.

Fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash – Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride. It helps prevent tooth decay and cavities. Maybe ask your dentist if you should use a mouthwash with fluoride too. Fluorides have the property of encouraging growth Tooth structure which will be helpful in preventing Toot Decay or Caries. Fluoride containing toot paste should be used from childhood it self as it helps in development and prevent Dental problems in both the Primary and Permanent Dentition.

Regular Visits to the Dentist– Visit the dentist regularly. It’s understandable that you may not like the idea of going due to any childhood trauma or a bad experience earlier, but you’ll be thankful you did in the long run. Regular Dental visits every 6 months should be made a part of your schedule and in case of Diabetic patients Dental Visit every 3-6 months is mandatory to have a check on the dental problems which will arise due to Diabetes.

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