Blood donation – Make it a habit

Give blood and give life

We all blame the hospitals and the blood banks when we do not get blood at the time when some one near to us needs it the most, but only a fraction of us donate blood.

So stop blaming and start doing, donating blood does not make us weak or unhealthy but fortunately it makes us healthier as new cells are produced and introduced into our circulation.

The worst complication that you might encounter is “Fainting” due to Hypovolemia, but there are very low chances of you encountering one, and the thing to take care before blood donation is weather the needles being used are properly “Steralized” or not.

So here are some Facts about blood donation you might want to know:

•    Person above 18 years of age and over 50 Kgs in weight can donate blood once in three months.

•    A normal adult has five to six liters of blood in his/her body of which only 300 ml is used during blood donation.

•    This blood is replaced by your body within 24 to 48 hours!

•    No special diet, rest or medicine is required after blood donation.

•    The donor should not have taken any medicine in the last 48 hours.

•    The donor should not have contacted jaundice in the previous three years.

.     The donor should not have any history of Hepatitis infection in the past.

•    Every donor is given a medical checkup prior to donation to see if he/she is medically fit and doesn’t suffer from anemia, high blood pressure etc.,

•    The donor cannot contact AIDS or any other disease by donating blood.

.     Do not donate blood if you are Anemic.

Make Blood donation a habit . There are many persons
including females who has donated blood more than 10 -20 times in their life.

Start it today and make it your habit, and try to get as many people around as you can to help the society and the needy, who knows sometime we may also be on the recieving end.

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