Dentistry is a vast subject unlike what other people think, people think that as dentistry deals only with one part of the body then why do they have 5 + 3 years of course for learning about such a small part of the body whereas in the same time the medical professionals are learning about the whole body.

This was the question put before me by many of my educated friends as well, So i am going to write down a brief note on the branches of dentistry, which are known as specialisations which will make you understand what dentistry really is!!!

Branches of dentistry:

1) Oral Medicine and Oral Radiology: It is the branch of dentistry which deals with the diagnosis and treatment planning of diseases and conditions related to Oral cavity and the surrounding structures. In dentistry Oral Medicine and Radiology as the basic and the most important part where the diagnosis of any condition is the first step in success towards treating any disease or condition for a Doctor.

2) Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

3) Community Dentistry (or) Preventive Dentistry.

4) Pedodontics

5) Endodontics

6) Periodontics

7) Orthodontics

8 ) Prostodontics

9) Oral Pathology

10) Implantology

11) Geriatric dentistry: