Case history is an important and integral part of Treatment, a treatment of a disease or a condition satrts with it’s proper diagnosis and this can be done sucessfully only by taking down a proper Case History.

It is very important to take a proper case history which will further lead to a proper diagnosis and a perfect Treatment with good Prognosis.

I remebered a line which my professor use to tell:
“Accurate diagnosis of a disease depends on the art of taking Case Hisyory.”

Now coming to the most important question:

What is Case History?
Case history is considered to be a planned professional conversation that enables the patient to communicate their symptoms, feelings and fear complex to the physician.

Ideally Case history is taken in a consultation Room or a Private Office in which the surroundings and the conditions are entirely friendly and not like the Dental Operating room.

In many occasions a properly prepared Case History alone is sufficient to Diagnose the Disease without examining the patient.

Hence a Properly prepared case history is of utmost importance in any speciality in Medical Field.

Steps in Case – History Preparation:

  1. General Information
  2. History Recording
  3. Examination of the patient
  4. Establishment of provisional diagnosis
  5. Necessary investigations
  6. Final Diagnosis
  7. Treatment plan
  8. Prognosis