Case History for Dental Students

Case history is an important and integral part of Treatment, a treatment of a disease or a condition starts with it’s proper diagnosis and this can be done successfully only by taking down a proper Case History.┬áIt is very important to take a proper case history which will further lead to a proper diagnosis and a perfect Treatment with good Prognosis. A proper case history helps in establishing rapport between the Dentist and the patient. Case history needs to be taken in the Doctors cabin or any other room other than the Operator room as it might help in reducing the anxiety of the patient.

During the course of taking Case History the Dentist can form a rapport with the patient and connect to them, this goes a long way in helping the patient get over Dental Phobia or getting anxiety during the treatment plan.

I remembered a line which my professor use to tell:
“Accurate diagnosis of a disease depends on the art of taking Case History.”

Now coming to the most important question:

What is Case History?
Case history is considered to be a planned professional conversation that enables the patient to communicate their symptoms, feelings and fear complex to the physician.

Ideally Case history is taken in a consultation Room or a Private Office in which the surroundings and the conditions are entirely friendly and not like the Dental Operating room.

In many occasions a properly prepared Case History alone is sufficient to Diagnose the Disease without examining the patient.

Hence a Properly prepared case history is of utmost importance in any specialty in Medical Field.

Steps in Case – History Preparation:

  1. General Information
  2. History Recording
  3. Examination of the patient
  4. Establishment of provisional diagnosis
  5. Necessary investigations
  6. Final Diagnosis
  7. Treatment plan
  8. Prognosis
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