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Krasner and Rankow – Guidelines or Laws of Pup Chamber Anatomy to help in Access Opening

Major part of Endodontic treatment involves Root canal treatment and for a successful Root Canal treatment, you need proper access opening which is number one rule taught in every Dental school. Paul Krasner (DDS) and Henry J. Rankow (DDS) have given Guidelines or Laws which will help any practicing Dentist to obtain proper ...Read More

Text Books for the BDS 3rd Year Course – Subject Wise

The Third year of the B.D.S. course includes three subjects, unlike the 4 subjects earlier, the Community Dentistry subject is shifted to the final year of the course. The subjects included in the third year of BDS include Oral Pathology, General Medicine and General Surgery. Following are the books that are the ...Read More

List of Text Books for the BDS 2nd Year Course – Subject Wise

The 2nd year of B.D.S had a different subject pattern until the batch of 2007, but later it was changed where the Dental Materials subject which was a part of the first year programme, now comes int the 2nd year, while the Dental Anatomy and Histology are promoted to the 1st year ...Read More

What are the Documents Required for applying in Dental School for DDS in USA

Practicing as a Dentist in USA is a dream for many Dental Students across the world, which can be due to many reasons like the work culture, the pay etc. It cialis pas cher is important to note that as good or beneficial it is to you to work as a Dentist ...Read More

What is the cost of DDS Dental School in USA for a foreign or International Dentist to pursue DDS

The cost of the international Dentist program varies from school to school, there highest being 300,000$ and the lowest being below 100,000$. You will also have additional expenses of rent, grocery, transport and other bills. Dental Education for DDS is a costly affair for International or Foreign students looking to practice Dentistry ...Read More

Grizzly Bear undergoes Root Canal Treatment in Kamloops Wildlife Park

Grizzly bears are known for their size and their ferocity and bears are known to chew into anything and everything they can find. The same might have been the case with eight year old Knute who had bit into something more than he could chew and broke or fractured one of his ...Read More

What is the ideal restorative material after Root canal treatment – Composite or GIC

Root canal treatment is a procedure performed on teeth which have become dead or when the pulp tissue gets infected due to Dental caries or any trauma leading to inflammation of the periapical tissue. Check this to know the in detail procedure of Root Canal Procedure. RCT involves multiple steps starting from ...Read More

New Dental Implant with built-in Reservoir for drugs – Is it the end of Implant failures?

In modern Dentistry, Dental Implants have played a major role in helping Dentists and Dental patients replace missing teeth without any invasive procedures affecting the adjacent teeth. But the number of Implant failures has also been a major shortcoming with both the patients and Dentists thinking twice before going in for a Dental ...Read More

Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique

Posterior Superior Nerve Block is used to block or Anesthetize the Posterior Superior alveolar Nerve which will anesthetize the Maxillary Molars except the Mesio-Buccal root of First Maxillary Molar which is supplied by the Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve. Posterior Superior Nerve Block the LA agent is deposited in proximity to the Anatomical ...Read More

Best NBDE Apps for iPhone and iPad

National Board of Dental Examination is a 2 parts examination which should be given by Dental students to get into DDS in the USA. The first part comprises of 400 questions asked from Anatomy, Bio Chemistry and Physiology, Microbiology and Pathology, Dental Anatomy and Occlusion. This is the theory part and after ...Read More

Commonly Used Anti Fungal Medications, Indications, Dosage, Adverse effects and Drug Interactions

Fungal Diseases are commonly caused and spread through Fungal spores, these are most commonly Localized and can become Systemic often. Fungal Diseases like Candidiasis, Histoplasmosis, Blastomycosis, Coccidioidomycosis (Valley Fever), Cryptococcosis, Aspergillosis, Zygomycosis, Toxoplasmosis are the various types of fungal diseases which show Systemic and Localized Oral features in patients affected by it. ...Read More

Apicoectomy – Definition, Indications, Contraindications, Surgical Procedure, Complications

Apicoectomy: Definition: It is the cutting off, of the apical portion of the root and curettage of the periapical necrotic, granulomatous, inflammatory or cystic lesion. Synonym: Apical Surgery, Root Resection, Endodontic Surgery, Root Amputation Indications of Apicoectomy: Apical anamoly of root tip-dilacerations, intracanal calcifications Presence of lateral/accessory canal/apical region perforations Roots with ...Read More

Comparison of Physical Properties of Tooth Colored Restorative Materials

Tooth colored Restorative Dental Materials are being used more profusely in Dentistry as the need for Aesthetics has increased and the tooth colored materials are having similar properties to materials like Amalgam. Here i am going to compare the various physical properties of Tooth colored Restorative Dental Materials: Strength Compressive Strength Modulus of ...Read More

Clinical Features of Unilateral and Bilateral Temporomandibular Ankylosis

TMJ Ankylosis is very easy to diagnose with the help of Clinical examination, and it is dependent on knowing the clinical features to differentiate True Ankylosis from False Ankylosis and also to differentiate between Unilateral and Bilateral ankylosis. Here we are going to Differentiate between Unilateral and Bilateral  TMJ Ankylosis and list ...Read More