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Mandibular Forceps Used in Dental Extractions

Extraction of teeth is what everyone associated Dentistry with, as that has been what everyone has known from a long time. Dentistry in General has come a long way and there are other ways to save a tooth now than there were a decade ...Read More

Cavity Varnish, Liners, Bases – Differences and Uses

Cavity Varnish, Base, liner or Sealer are an integral part of Operative Dentistry which has the main goal of Preserving the health of Dental Pulp. In Operative Dentistry, the main objective is to restore the tooth affected by either caries, trauma etc with Restorative ...Read More

Intracoronal Bleaching of Nonvital tooth – Teeth Whitening

Intracoronal bleaching is the procedure where a discolored non-vital tooth is whitened using oxidizing agents inside the coronal portion of the non-vital tooth to decrease the discoloration. With Intracoronal bleaching we can decrease or completely eliminate discoloration and increase the degree of translucency. The ...Read More

Posterior Superior Alveolar Nerve Block Technique

Posterior Superior Nerve Block is used to block or Anesthetize the Posterior Superior alveolar Nerve which will anesthetize the Maxillary Molars except the Mesio-Buccal root of First Maxillary Molar which is supplied by the Middle Superior Alveolar Nerve. Posterior Superior Nerve Block the LA ...Read More

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