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Bennett’s Classification of Fracture of Teeth

Beneett’s Classification is used to evaluate Fracture of Tooth in the Coronal and Root fracture. There are other Classifications which are more commonly used called Ellis Classification of Fractured Teeth. In Bennett’s Classfication the fractured teeth are divided into Five types based on fracture of tooth in the Coronal and Root position. ...Read More

Tooth or Dental Spacing – Causes and Treatment

Dental or Tooth Spacing is a very complicated yet simple complication which requires knowledge about types of spacing and what treatment plan is required. Spacing is a very common complication in Anterior teeth which has to be corrected to bring out the perfect smile everyone wish for. Treatments to close Dental Spaces is ...Read More

Precautions to be taken when a Dental Filling or Restoration falls out

Dental Restorations do not last life long and if you got a restoration done you will have to make sure it lasts long by maintaining your Oral hygiene. Loosing a Restoration be it an Amalgam Restoration or Glass Ionomer or Composite restoration can be quite a traumatic experience particularly if the cavity ...Read More

Types of Tooth Brushing Techniques

Proper Tooth Brushing Techniques are very important to maintain Oral Health, by following correct tooth brushing technique you will be able to remove food debris and plaque which will in turn prevent the onset of Dental Caries. The main reason for Dental caries is food lodgement in teeth, which are the food ...Read More

5 Alternatives to Root canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment explained is simple is the removal of infected pulp tissue which is replaces by an inert material to prevent infection or to treat an already infected tooth. In you daily practice you will encounter many cases which can be treated without RCT and most of the times there are ...Read More

What is Dental Tourism – Advantages and Precautions

Dental Tourism is a combination of two activities Vacation + Dental Treatment in the vacation region. Due to the increase in Dental Treatment Costs in some developed countries like USA, Australia, United Kingdom etc we can see a great increase in Dental tourism across the world. The main reason behind Dental Tourism ...Read More

Reasons for why your Dental Crown / Restorations Fall Out

Most of the people who are going to get or are having dental Crown have 2 questions in mind: Why do Dental Crown/Fillings/Restoration fall out ? This article will give you the reasons because of which your Dental Filling or Restoration may fall out. But remember that everyday in our Dental Clinic/Hospital/College ...Read More

Common Failures of Dental Restorations

Dental Restorations are the most common type of Dental treatment in the world with thousands of Dental Fillings or Restorations being given every day, and the life span of Dental restoration varies depending on many factors like cavity preparation, shape of cavity, mixing of restoration, marginal integrity of the restoration … etc ...Read More

How to Clean your Dentures

How to maintain Clean and Good looking Dentures is a common question asked by all the patients who get Dentures done. And it is your duty as a Dentist to keep the patients informed about the steps they should take to keep their Dentures in good shape for a long time. The ...Read More

Comparison of Physical Properties of Tooth Colored Restorative Materials

Tooth colored Restorative Dental Materials are being used more profusely in Dentistry as the need for Aesthetics has increased and the tooth colored materials are having similar properties to materials like Amalgam. Here i am going to compare the various physical properties of Tooth colored Restorative Dental Materials: Strength Compressive Strength Modulus of ...Read More

Indications of non anatomic teeth or cuspless or Zero degree teeth

Non anatomic Teeth are also called as Zero Degree or Cuspless teeth used in Complete dentures in Prosthodontics. Non Anatomic Teeth are Defined as: The Artificial teeth with occlusal surfaces which are not anatomically formed but which are designed to improve the function of mastication. Cuspless teeth are Defined as: The artificial ...Read More

Top Cosmetic Dental treamtents to give you a Smile Makeover

What is Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic Dentistry is defined a branch of dentistry which deals with improving the physical appearance of the Hard and soft tissue structures in the oral cavity. Teeth Whitening: With the increase in artificial food colors and the fast lifestyle oral care has become neglected which is affecting the appearance ...Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Abroad

Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic Dentistry is defined a branch of dentistry which deals with improving the physical appearance of the Hard and soft tissue structures in the oral cavity. Cosmetic dentistry deals with the following treatments: Teeth Whitening:  It is the basic part of cosmetic dentistry which involves Oral Prophylaxis, Bleaching, Laser teeth ...Read More

Most successful Teeth Whitening treatment procedures

Teeth whitening is a major part of Cosmetic Dentistry due the increase in consciousness of physical appearance and smile being the most important aspect of beauty and the first thing any person notices about you. Treatment plan for whitening one’s teeth varies widely based on the various causes of Tooth discoloration or ...Read More