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Is Sensitivity after Tooth Filling Normal ?

Tooth Fillings or Restorations are done in cases of Tooth decay, abrasion, fracture etc with tooth decay or caries being one of the most common diseases of the human body. Tooth sensitivity is seen mostly in two situations – tooth decay which has reached the Dentin or when there is attrition or ...Read More

Needle Stick Injury – Management and Treatment with known Injury

What is a Needlestick Injury: In simple terms it is the injury caused due to needles or sharps (blades, lancets etc which are sharp) that accidentally puncture the tissue of the operator or handler. It is one of the most common work place injury seen in people who work with hypodermic syringes ...Read More

Branches of Dentistry in US, Canada, India and Australia for Post Graduation

Dental degree in the countries like India, U.S., Canada and Australia have got separate branches for the Post-graduation after the Bachelor degree is completed as there are 9 recognized Dental specialties in these countries, and passing out in these post-graduation courses would give the professionals a special recognized name, for example, a Prosthodontist ...Read More

Chewing Gum to detect Dental disease

Dental Diseases are one of the most common health problems faced by people all over the world and it is also one of the most neglected. Many have complained about the cost of a dental visit and most importantly neglect which could have easily diagnose dental diseases in an early stage. 15 to ...Read More

Mystery Lung Disease leads to deaths among Dentists by CDC

According to Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report from the US centers for Disease Control and Prevention a group of cases with Progressive Lung Disease have been reported at Virginia Care center in Dentists and dental workers. The patients who reported have been were diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis which is a chronic ...Read More

How many days does it take for Antibiotics to get rid of tooth infection or abscess

A tooth infection or Abscess is the result of bacteria entering the pulp chamber of the tooth and causing inflammation of the pulp tissue leading to the formation of pus in the periapical area which is called an abscess. A tooth which is infected should be treated endodontically (Root Canal) or extracted ...Read More

How are Dental points calculated for SSB interviews and Medical Test

SSB or Services selection board is an organization which selects candidates for Army, Navy and Air force recruitment based on multiple criteria giving them points by conducting. The many criteria include Medical Examination along with Dental tests and examinations along with mental, physical and intellectual evaluation to access the potential of the ...Read More

World’s First robotic Dental Surgery System – Yomi cleared by FDA

Robotics is being used in Medical field to perform surgeries from quite some time and why should dentistry be left behind. Neocis, a company based in Miami, Florida has announced that their robotically assisted dental surgical system “Yomi” has been cleared by FDA. The company has designed Yomi to plan and assist ...Read More

Mouthguard to detect and inform Dentist about Teeth Grinding or Bruxism

With ever increasing Stress in Life thanks to the hectic lives we lead in today’s world, one of the most common problems which are seen in one out of five people around the world is bruxism or teeth grinding or night grinding. Most patients do not realise it until they see signs ...Read More

Hepatitis C Infection increases the risk of Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer cases are on the rise and based on a research published in the journal of the National Cancer Institute, patients who are infected with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) are twice as likely to face Oral cancer in the mouth or the oropharynx. Hepatitis C Virus can be contracted through infected ...Read More

12 Toothpaste flavours you never knew existed

Toothpaste helps in keeping your teeth clean and it is something which will be used on a daily basis in any household and used twice daily by many users. Most common flavor of toothpaste used around the world is Mint. Toothpaste has a composition of Abrasive, humectant, water, binder, detergent, preservative, therapeutic ...Read More

Saliva Absorber Pad, a great innovation for clinical dentistry

Saliva is always a major hindrance for any type of Dental treatment be it a small restoration or Root canal treatment, the flow of saliva also increases in patients undergoing Dental treatment due to the anxiety. Directa, a dental company from Sweden has revealed an Absorber pad called DryDent which fits into ...Read More

Largest Dental Museum in Asia opened in Mahidol University

In an area covering 620 square meters sponsored by the royal family, the first of its kind Dental museum probably the largest museum in Asia was opened to public in Mahidol University in Bangkok. It is named as “Sirindhorn Dental Museum”. The museum mainly comprises of five main exhibits which are aimed ...Read More

Bioresorbable scaffold generated by 3D Printing for Periodontal repair

Recently a publication in the Internationa and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) regarding the use of a 3D printed scaffold for Periodontal tissue engineering in a human patient, along with a review of 3D printing for Oral and Carniofacial tissue engineering sheds light on the advancements of 3D Printing and its ...Read More