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What is Dental Tourism – Advantages and Precautions

Dental Tourism is a combination of two activities Vacation + Dental Treatment in the vacation region. Due to the increase in Dental Treatment Costs in some developed countries like USA, Australia, United Kingdom etc we can see a great increase in Dental tourism across the world. The main reason behind Dental Tourism ...Read More

Reasons for why your Dental Crown / Restorations Fall Out

Most of the people who are going to get or are having dental Crown have 2 questions in mind: Why do Dental Crown/Fillings/Restoration fall out ? This article will give you the reasons because of which your Dental Filling or Restoration may fall out. But remember that everyday in our Dental Clinic/Hospital/College ...Read More

How to Clean your Dentures

How to maintain Clean and Good looking Dentures is a common question asked by all the patients who get Dentures done. And it is your duty as a Dentist to keep the patients informed about the steps they should take to keep their Dentures in good shape for a long time. The ...Read More

8 Best ways to Improve your Dental Practice | Tips and Trick to Improve Dental Practice Marketing Online

Dental Practice is not just about setting up a clinic and waiting for patients to come by and spread word about your clinic through word of mouth or through pamphlets being distributed. Dental Practice is also a Business where Dentists are the Businessmen and the Patients our Clients. As we see in every Business the art ...Read More

A to Z of Steps to be taken in Emergency situations of Reviving the patient

As a doctor we all should be aware of the steps which should be taken in case of any Emergency which we might come across in daily life or in our Dental Clinics during any procedure. An emergency can arise in any case, while administering Anesthesia if the patient is allergic to ...Read More

Methods of Steralization of various materials in Dental clinic

Steralization of various materials in dental clinic are very important to maintain proper hygiene and to prevent cross infection from patient to patient or patient to the dentist or dental assistants. In dental clinic there are different types of materials used and because of this all materials cannot be steralized similarly and ...Read More

Effect of Laser on Tissues – Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry is a new trend in dentistry which is being increasingly used because of its advantages and the ease of use in certain procedures in your dental clinic. Lasers are being used in multiple Dental treatment procedures like – Tooth Decay, Gum Disease, Lesion removal or taking a specimen for Biopsy, ...Read More

Advantages of Lasers in various branches of Dentistry

Dental Lasers: It is the Focused beam of light which acts on the water molecules of our soft and hard tissues which bring about the desired changes in dentistry. Which cannot be used in every technique but is very effective in most of the techniques where it can be used. The first Dental ...Read More

What is Barodontalgia

Barodontalgia:  Baro – Pressure, Odonto: Teeth, Algia: Pain It is the Pain in the teeth caused due to changes in pressure which may be seen in case of High Altitudes as seen in Pilots and also in Deep sea divers who also see severe changes in pressure which lead to pain in ...Read More

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Abroad

Cosmetic Dentistry: Cosmetic Dentistry is defined a branch of dentistry which deals with improving the physical appearance of the Hard and soft tissue structures in the oral cavity. Cosmetic dentistry deals with the following treatments: Teeth Whitening:  It is the basic part of cosmetic dentistry which involves Oral Prophylaxis, Bleaching, Laser teeth ...Read More

Tooth Tattoo Sensors will detect Diseases before hand – Graphene sensory material

Researchers at the University of Manchester, UK – including Konstantin Novoselov, who shared a Nobel prize as graphene’s co-discoverer – and at the SuperStem Laboratory of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in Daresbury, UK. have developed a material called “Graphene” which is capable of detecting and identifying different species of bacteria in the ...Read More

Antibiotic Use in Dentistry – Guidelines, Indications and Contraindications

Antibiotic is a Greek word – “Anti” meaning ‘against’ and “Bios” meaning ‘life’ Antibiotics are being used in Dentistry from a very long time. And as we have seen in the recent past overuse or improper use of these antibiotics, antiviral and antimicrobial drugs there have been instances of an appearance of Super Bug which ...Read More

Phobias in Dentistry | What is Dental Fear

Definition of Dental Fear: It is the Fear of Dentistry and fear in specific of receiving dental care. Visiting a Dentist has been a thing of fear for most of the patients and it is one of the most common types of fear. It is mostly caused because of various misconceptions about dental treatment ...Read More

Why Gum Diseases increases with Age

With Age increases the probability of Gum diseases in both genders. In a  new Study Queen Mary, University of London in collaboration with research groups in the USA have  published a study in the “Nature Immunology” Journal which reveals the increase in Gum Diseases due to age – Which is directly related ...Read More