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List of Papillae of Tongue – Location and Histology

Papillae of Tongue are the tiny raised protrusions found on the surface of the tongue which house the taste buds which help in taste perception detecting taste elements such as salty, sour, sweet, bitter and umami. The papillae are of four types which differ in location and size of the papillae namely Fungiform papillae, Filiform [&hellip

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Oral or Dental Fibroma – Clinical, Histological Features and Treatment

Oral or Dental Fibroma is the most common “Tumor” of the Oral cavity. It is not a true neoplasm but it is a reactive hyperplasia of fibrous connective tissue in response to local irritation or Trauma. Oral Fibroma should be diagnosed properly because certain benign and Malignant Neoplasms also mimic Fibromas in appearance. Hence before [&hellip

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Histologic or Microscopic Features of Dentigerous Cyst

Dentigerous cyst is a developmental Odontogenic cyst that is formed by expansion of dental follicle and therefore always attached to the neck of an impacted or Unerupted tooth. Initially this lesion is asymptomatic, other than a clinically missing tooth. In later stages the cyst causes Bony Expansion and displacement of teeth and pain if infected.  [&hellip

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What are the Predominant Micro Organisms in various parts of the Oral Cavity

Oral cavity supposedly contains the maximum number of micro organisms compared to any part of the Human Body. There are both Harmful and Beneficial Micro organisms in the Oral cavity, Aerobic (or) Anaerobic, Gram (+ve) or Gram (-ve) etc. Solet us look at the list of micro organisms seen in the oral cavity based on [&hellip

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Keratinized and Non Keratinized areas of Oral Mucousa in Oral Cavity

The outermost moist lining of the Oral cavity is called the Oral Mucosa. It has 3 main functions Protection, Sensation and Secretion. Oral Mucosa is continuous with the Skin but is entirely different in composition and structure due to the varied functions in the oral cavity. Based on the function the various areas of the oral cavity [&hellip

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