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Oral-B Genius X Electric ToothBrush learns users Brushing style and pattern using AI

Artificial Intelligence has been the go to term for all companies dealing in any kind of smart devices ranging from TV’s, Washing machines, Refrigerators etc and Oral-B has made sure that they are not let behind and have showcased the Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush which comes with AI technology. Oral-B has ...Read More

Tooth loss and Gum Diseases in older women linked to High blood Pressure

Keeping your teeth and gums healthy in post-menopausal women has been directly linked to developing hypertension or high blood pressure. According to a research, women who keep their teeth and gums healthy can considerably lower the risk of developing high blood pressure. A study which included 35,000 women who were monitored annually ...Read More

Polyphenols in Wine might be helping you prevent Cavities and Gum diseases

According to American Chemical Society, drinking Wine might be helpful to Oral health and this might just give you a good reason to drink Wine. It was earlier suggested that drinking Wine has been found to be helpful to your Heart and Colon due to the presence of polyphenols in Wine which ...Read More

Dental Robot fits first Dental Implant without any Human involvement

In a first of its kind, a Dental Robot system named Yomi has successfully carried out the procedure of placing two Dental Implants in a patients mouth without much human involvement. The success of this procedure has opened up a whole new field in Dentistry – Dental Robotics which can be the ...Read More

Three year old girl dies during dental treatment

In a very tragic incident, a 3 year old girl who was taken to the dental clinic for a simple extraction and crowns placement died due to reasons which are not clear yet. Daleyza Avili Hernandez, 3, was taken to the Children’s Dental Surgery Center in San Francisco for extraction of two ...Read More

Drug for Alzheimer’s helps in regenerating Dentin by activating stem cells to treat Dental caries

Drugs used for one disease or condition has found the be useful in some other conditions as well and this has been found true in the case of a drug used for Alzheimer’s. This drug, when used in teeth with dental caries has been found to activate the stem cells in tooth feeling ...Read More

Irwin Smigel founder of laser whitening and Bonding dies at age 92

Dr. Irwin Elliot Smigel is a well known name in the Dental fraternity for his contibutions to popularising two of the most important techniques in Dental Cosmetic or Aesthetics treatment – Laser Teeth Whitening and Bonding technique using laminates, Veneers etc. He has some famous patients has well like Elizabeth Taylor, Tony ...Read More

Dentist Eyes Record books with “10,000 extracted teeth”collection

Extraction is a pretty common procedure we all follow in our Dental clinics, although preserving teeth is being given the utmost important these days.  We all preserve the extracted teeth and either practice on them or give it to students,  Dr. Nizar Rahman thinks differently and has started collecting all the teeth ...Read More

Dentist Sued $675,000 for dropping a Dental File down the patients throat

An elderly man from Illinois, Hoffman Estates who had undergone a Root canal procedure back in 2014 in Des Plaines has sued the dentist for leaving behind a Dental File which had slipped down his throat into his stomach. The patient Kanusz Pawlowicz, said, “(I saw her) looking around me, looking at my ...Read More

Chemicals in Packaged Food found to be dangerous to Children’s Teeth

Packaged food has been around from quite sometime and it we can be sure that there are chemicals which are used to keep the food last longer. Recent studies by Dr. Katia Jedeon of French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) and colleagues have found two chemicals used in food ...Read More

Effects of E-cigarettes on Oral cavity are alarming

Smoking e-cigarettes is thought of as a safer alternative to tobacco but recent studies suggest that it does a lot of harm to oral cavity than what was expected. E-cigarettes have been useful in countering the effects of tobacco in many smokers but with recent studies showing many toxic substances and nanoparticles in ...Read More

Dental Implant found in Sinus cavity

When a 57 year-old woman in Italy was facing constant pain and inflamed Sinuses along with facial pain and visited a doctor, she was in for a shock when the CT Scan showed a Dental Implant in the left Sinus located beside the left eye. The 2-centimeter long metal object was identified ...Read More

Wisdom Teeth have been Shrinking in size due to Evolution

Wisdom teeth has always been a misleading name, we do not know if it brings wisdom or not but surely brings pain in certain cases when the is an impaction. With Evolution, there are many changes which are seen leading to the problems arising with Wisdom teeth. With evolution, there is a ...Read More

A 9-year old boy with Hyperdontia has around 300 teeth

You know how bad it is when you start getting your third molar and if it is impacted or stuck in your jaw because of lack of space it is a nightmare. Now imagine having around 300 such teeth in your jaw, a 9-year old boy from Barangay Looc, Dumanjug, Cebu named ...Read More