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A 9-year old boy with Hyperdontia has around 300 teeth

You know how bad it is when you start getting your third molar and if it is impacted or stuck in your jaw because of lack of space it is a nightmare. Now imagine having around 300 such teeth in your jaw, a 9-year old boy from Barangay Looc, Dumanjug, Cebu named ...Read More

Bluetooth-enabled SmartByte retainer to improve patient compliance

For Orthodontic patients the use of a dental retainer is of utmost importance to improve the success rate of the treatment being offered. As we all know that the use and success of retainer’s depends on the patient compliance and in many cases we see that the patient neglect wearing the appliance ...Read More

False Teeth / Denture stuck in mans throat for five days

When a 55-year-old man went to the Hospital complaining about difficulty in swallowing and cough for some days. The patient and the Doctors were expecting it to be health issue, but with some investigation they find out that the patient had suffered a seizure 5 days back and lost part of the ...Read More

Mayfair Dentist cures Khan the Tiger’s toothache with 45-minute procedure

When a Tiger having a 13cm of five-inch-long tooth gets pain gets infected the result is not going to be good, the same was seen in Kahn a 200kg male tiger from the Noah’s Ark Zoo in Bristol. the Zoo officials were fast to spot that the reason for the grumpiness of ...Read More

Largest Dental Museum in Asia opened in Mahidol University

In an area covering 620 square meters sponsored by the royal family, the first of its kind Dental museum probably the largest museum in Asia was opened to public in Mahidol University in Bangkok. It is named as “Sirindhorn Dental Museum”. The museum mainly comprises of five main exhibits which are aimed ...Read More

Wisdom Tooth Extraction done by a Robot on a human patient in Tokyo

For the first time a Robot which has been designed and programmed to remove Wisdom has performed a Wisdom tooth removal procedure on a live patient in a dental chair. This operation took place in a local clinic in Tokyo last Tuesday. The patient who participated for the surgery or we must ...Read More

Bioresorbable scaffold generated by 3D Printing for Periodontal repair

Recently a publication in the Internationa and American Associations for Dental Research (IADR/AADR) regarding the use of a 3D printed scaffold for Periodontal tissue engineering in a human patient, along with a review of 3D printing for Oral and Carniofacial tissue engineering sheds light on the advancements of 3D Printing and its ...Read More

Teenage Girl dies after cardiac arrest during Wisdom tooth removal

A 17 year old girl from Minnesota died on Monday after a week long battle suffering from Cardiac Arrest while undergoing Wisdom Tooth removal surgery. Sydney Gallager the patient was having Wisdom tooth removal surgery which was a routine procedure. There were sudden complications as “her blood pressure shot up and her ...Read More

Patient recollects Two years with Broken Dental Drill in Pre Molar

A Female patient who had went to get Root Canal treatment done to her lower pre molar was left with two years of suffering as said by the patient. According to the patient there was a Dental Drill broken and lodged deep inside her teeth as told by the dentist who was ...Read More

Oral Blood (GCB) can be used to screen for Diabetes during Dental visits

In a recent study at New York University which was conducted on 408 Dental patients by collecting their Gingival Crevicular Blood and testing it for haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) during the period of June 2013 to April 2014, which has produced values which are almost similar to the blood taken from finger stick ...Read More

Graphene based materials can be used to kill oral cavities causing Bacteria

Dental cavities and gum diseases are caused due to certain types of Bacteria which are present in the oral cavity and with the use of antibiotics and medications over time these have evolved to obtain antibiotic resistance. Scientist Zisheng Tang and colleagues who have studied that bacteria are gaining Antibiotic resistance with ...Read More

Virus found in Sewage to help kill Enterococcus faecalis in Dental procedures

Scientists in the Institute of Dental Sciences at the Hebrew University have conducted a study in which a strain on Virus was obtained from sewage which is known as the EFDG1 Virus which is being used as a Bacteriophage to help fight against strains of bacteria. The use of Bacteriophages against Bacteria ...Read More

Rheumatoid Arthritis and Oral Health are very closely related

Oral health if not maintained properly can lead to many other systemic diseases is what we have been seeing in many studies so far and here is yet another study which proves that Poor Oral or Periodontal health in particular can result in worsening of Rheumatoid arthritis. The study conducted by Researchers ...Read More

Periodontal Disease linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

In a Study published in the American Society of Nephrology (ASN) a link between Periodontal disease and Kidney disease has been observed after amalyzing 699 African American adults who underwent Dental examinations. The study has been conducted in these patients and were observed for 4-5 year period in which patients with chronic ...Read More