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Oral Mucosal Vaccine to use Bacteria as a vector for immmunization

Oral Mucosal Vacicnation is used in some cases like Polio, typhoid etc but not as commonly as injected vaccines, but scientists from The Forsyth Institute and Tufts University have found a way to use Oral Vaccine delivery more useful by taking help of a commonly found bacteria in the Oral cavity – ...Read More

Treatment of Gum Diseases linked to Improvement in General Health

All of us have heard that Oral Health is linked to General Health and if you maintain good oral hygiene and periodontal health your overall general health will also improve drastically. All this while these were speculations but now a study has been conducted by Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat. Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat of ...Read More

A 2,300 year Old Dental Implant unearthed by Archaeologists

If you are thinking that Implants are the latest trend in Dentistry think again, recently in a study published in journal Antiquity published that in a recent discovery of the remains of a Celtic woman in northern France they found an Iron Implant in the jaw along with the other dentition. This ...Read More

Protein from Tooth might be helpful in Bone Regeneration

In a recent research conducted by bio engineers at Queen Mary University of London have found a protein which might help in bone regeneration. According to them it is a protein which can help or benefit patients who are suffering from Osteoporosis or Fractures. This part of protein or molecule is normally ...Read More

Biomarker for Oral Cancer discovered – S100A7

A team of international researchers and scientists from the University of Toronto have identified a protein which can predict the Risk of Oral Cancer in a Specific patient. Originally Biomarkers use Specific cells DNA whereas in this case the scientists have used specific cellular proteins for this purpose. Dr. Paul Walfish from ...Read More

What is the future of Dental Jobs in India ?

Dental Graduates in India are getting worried about the future of Dentistry and jobs in Dentistry in the near future. There is a very high increase in the scope of Dentistry all around the world, people are more aware now and more concerned about Oral health and have come to know the importance ...Read More

Shark Teeth are Caries Protected

Sharks have the healthiest teeth in all of the living creatures including Human beings who maintain the best set of teeth. Shark teeth which are one of the most sharp and fierce teeth in the entire animal kingdom have a special ability to be completely protected from Dental Caries. shark shave a very cariogenic diet of ...Read More

Tooth Tattoo Sensors will detect Diseases before hand – Graphene sensory material

Researchers at the University of Manchester, UK – including Konstantin Novoselov, who shared a Nobel prize as graphene’s co-discoverer – and at the SuperStem Laboratory of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in Daresbury, UK. have developed a material called “Graphene” which is capable of detecting and identifying different species of bacteria in the ...Read More

Oldest Tooth Decay / Caries found in Paleozoic Reptile / Dinosaur

The First recorded evidence of Tooth Decay / Caries has been seen in this Reptile named Labidosaurus hamatus or the “lipped lizard” which belonged to the Permian geological period which was 275 million years ago. The evidence of Infection in the Lower Jaw was visible through the modern imaging technique, Computerised tomography ...Read More

Rare Microscopic View of a Used Dental Floss

Dental Floss is an Effective method to clean the inter dental areas which can be a heaven for Micro-organisms to reside undetected. Dental Flossing once a day has proved to be very useful in controlling Caries and eliminating Halitosis. Here is the Normal Floss being used and the image below that is ...Read More

Use Dental Hand Signs in Clinics for Communication during Procedures

During Dental Procedures when you will be having multiple instruments in your patients mouth and the patient has to communicate with the dentist it becomes impossible to speak, this is where the Dental Hand Signs come in and are quite useful in communicating the patients concern without disturbing the working field. It ...Read More

HIV infections spread by Colorado Dentist

Three patients have started showing symptoms after being treated by this Colorado Dentist, who has accepted that he used Syringes and Needles multiple times on Multiple patients thus leading to this spread of infections. According to the Colorado Health department, Dr. Stephen Stein has been allegedly Using Needles and syringes for multiple times ...Read More

Dental Treatment for a Tomy a 3,000-pound hippopotamus

It might sound a bit wired but a hippopotamus  with huge teeth gets a dental treatment. Now we all will wonder how, why and what kind of treatment a 3000 pound hippopotamus will require. Tomy, a 3,000-pound hippopotamus residing at the Parque de las Ciencias Luis A. Ferré zoo and museum in ...Read More

Why Gum Diseases increases with Age

With Age increases the probability of Gum diseases in both genders. In a  new Study Queen Mary, University of London in collaboration with research groups in the USA have  published a study in the “Nature Immunology” Journal which reveals the increase in Gum Diseases due to age – Which is directly related ...Read More