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A 20 Min Test to Detect Oral Cancer on its way

Researchers from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and researchers from Rice University are working on a mode of Diagnosis for Oral cancer which will minimize the amount of time taken for the diagnosis of Oral Cancer, to as low as 20 mins. Procedure: The Dentist himself will collect Stem ...Read More

Street Dentistry

Courtesy : Christian Luna – Flickr Street Dentistry has been prevalent from a very long time, even before Professional Dentistry has been introduced into the world. Road side dentists have been preferred by the Poor who are unable to bear the prices of Professional Dentists. In-spite of the unhygienic conditions and lack ...Read More

Dentists have the highest paying jobs in America

Dentist Profession has a very high pay and in fact the highest paid Job in America. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 10 Jobs which have been stated as the top 10 earning jobs in the Country of America. And to the delight of Everyone we know Dental Surgeons ...Read More

Precautions to be taken after Tongue piercing | Tongue Piercing After Care

Tongue piercing can be traced back to the ancient Central American civilizations, that carried out piercing as a part of a traditional ritual. But today it is seen more of a fashion statement by the youngsters and the rockstars who they follow and idioloze. After you have got your tongue piercing done ...Read More

Is it Semester wise or 8 Subjects at one go for 2008-09 Batch

In the earlier post i stated that it is going to Semester wise for the 2008-09 batch having 4 subjects in each semester. But i failed to mention that in the Official Regulation released by the DCI has an option as seen in the image given below: What does it mean ? ...Read More

Peptide helps to grow back the Decayed tooth structure

Yes a new discovery has taken the Dental field by storm, there has been a new discovery by a group of Scientists in University of Leeds. They have successfully used a Fluidto regrow the portion of the tooth which was decayed due to the effect of caries. Tooth decay begins when acid ...Read More

Official Notification about the fate of 2007 Batch

Yesterday DCI had announced that Semester wise examinations will be conducted starting from the 2008-09 batch. But what about the 2007 batch what have they given in the 4 page long notification issued by the DCI officially. What is given related to the 2007-08 Batch Students: As given in the DCI Notification: ...Read More

DCI announces Semister Wise Examinations with Internship

DCI has announced the re implementation of Internship for the 2008-09 batch from this year. And now DCI has announced that the examinations are going to be Semester Wise with 2 semester’s in the 4th year. The Scheme Of Examination starting this year: 1st Year: Examination at the end of the year ...Read More

DCI to re-introduce the 4+1 year rotational compulsory paid internship in BDS Course

The health ministry has declared that 4+1 yr rotational compoulsary paid internship course will be effective from this year which was removed for 1 yr. What does this mean: Internship is again included for the 2008-09 batch, who are the students passing out from 3rd year and going to 4th yr. The ...Read More

Latest Technology Trends in Today’s Dental Industry

This following Post is written by an Aspiring Dental blogger “Monica Cross” who blogs through Urgent Dental Care Services. There you can get updates and some intresting things regarding dentistry. How to Keep Your Patients Happy By Staying on the Cutting Edge of Dental Care: There’s no debating the fact that few ...Read More

7 Steps to prevent Swine Flu

Swine Flu or the H1N1 Flu which is officially declared as the Pandemic is causing havoc all around the world, witht he death toll constantly rising and the number of people getting infected constantly on the rise and in a condition where the goverenment is helpless about the situation, we have to ...Read More

Grow your own teeth even after 50

According to some scientists the use of dentures in patients is going be a thing of the past, replacing the artificial prosthesis are a group of cells which will be placed in the empty sockets where the teeth are missing and we can see growth of our own teeth within a span ...Read More

Scientists Grow Teeth in Lab using Stem cells

Earlier it was the growth of organs in the lab, but now it the stem cell research is also helping the dentists by growing new teeth in the laboratory, which can be made according to our need i mean the dimensions and the size of the teeth can be made for our ...Read More

Kids Anxiety a problem during Dental Visit Take the New Approach

Kids are usually made to eat food by saying “I will take you to a dentist if you dont finish it” So the fear of a dentist is created from early childhood and when the child enters a clinic he is assured by seeing those scary looking instruments and the chair. The ...Read More