Dental Scientists Photos Archive

Scientists contribution in the field of Pedodontics

Pedodontics or Pediatric Dentistry: It is a branch of dentistry which deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of dental conditions in Deciduous and Permanent teeth in children and adolescents. Any branch of dentistry is an aggregation of contributions from various scientists in various aspects of dental treatment procedures and techniques which help in enhancement [&hellip

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Scientists who played a major role in Dental Periodontics – Photos and information

Here given are the photos of the famous scientists who played a major role in Periodontics and have contributed a great deal to the subject with their vast knowledge. List of Scientists given below are: Fermin A. Carranza Balint J. Orban Bernhard Gottlieb Henry H. Takei Micheal G. Newman John W. Riggs Oskar Weski Robert [&hellip

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