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Muscles of Head

Muscles of the Head are quite unique when compared to all the other muscles spread over the body as they tend to move the skin and other structures more than bone. All the other muscles Origin in a fixed part and Insertion into a movable part. Whereas the muscles of Head are ...Read More

Stylomastoid Foramen – Location and Structures passing through it

Stylomastoid Foramen is an opening located between the styloid and mastoid processes of the temporal bone, and it has some clinical significance in patients suffering from Bell’s Palsy which is the inflammation of the facial nerve at the point where it leaves the stylomastoid foramen. What passes through Stylomastoid Foramen? This foramen ...Read More

Foramen Spinosum – Location and Structures passing through it

Foramen Spinosum Definition: Foramen Spinosum is a foramen located in the posteromedial part of greater wing of sphenoid, and it connects the middle cranial fossa with the infratemporal fossa. It is one of the two foramens in the greater wing of sphenoid, alongside the Foramen Ovale. It is one of the Foramen in ...Read More

Foramen Lacerum – Location, Anatomy and Structures passing through it

Foramen Lacerum: Foramen Lacerum is a triangular opening located in the middle cranial fossa, allowing for a few vessels to pass through it. It measures about 9mm in length and 7mm in breadth. In Latin it translates to “Lacerated Piercing“.  Where is Foramen Lacerum located? The foramen is located between the sphenoid ...Read More

Foramen Ovale – Location, Anatomy and Structures passing through it

Foramen Ovale Definition: Foramen Ovale is a foramen in the greater wing of sphenoid bone, and it gets its name from the latin word Ovale, which means oval window. It is one of the two foramens of the greater wing, alongside foramen spinosum. Where is Foramen Ovale located? The foramen is located ...Read More

Role of Vitamin K, Liver and Vascular wall in Hemostasis and Coagulation

Coagulation and heamostasis is a very important process in healing for any minor or major injury. Hemostasis or haemostasis is a process which literally means stopping of bleeding due to vasoconstruction. There are three stages in which Hemostasis takes place – Vascular spasm or Vasoconstriction (blood vessels constrict for a short duration), ...Read More

What are the Muscles used to Frown

There has been a long standing debate about people saying that it takes a lot more muscles to frown as compared to smile. This is not true that it takes around 48 muscles to frown, it takes a lot less and it is safe to say that the number of muscles taken to ...Read More

How many muscles are involved or used to smile

A Smile is one of the best facial expressions which can make anyone around you happy in any situation. To smile it takes not just your mood but also a lot of muscles of your face to bring a smile. Let us look at all the muscles which are responsible to make ...Read More

What is Little’s area or Kiesselbach’s area and the Arteries in it

Definition: Kiesselbach’s area or plexus is an anastomosis of five blood vessels in the anterior inferior quadrant of the nasal septum over the septal cartilage.  Synonyms: Kiesselbach’s plexus, Kiesselbach’s area, Kiesselbach’s Triangle, Little’s Area The anterior inferior part of nasal septum Contains anastomoses between the superior labial branch of facial artery and sphenopalatine artery, and ...Read More

What are the Foramina of Middle Cranial Fossa and structures passing through them

Cranium is the part of human body and the Skull which is made up of eight cranial bones. Cranium is in short the portion of the skull which surrounds the brain protecting it from external forces. Cranial Fossa are depressions of fossa on the surface of the cranium through which various soft ...Read More

Location of Foramen Magnum and the Structures passing through it

Foramen Magnum is the largest foramen situated on the base of the skull through which multiple structures pass including the Spinal Cord. It acts as a passage between the cranial vault and the base of the skull. So let us look at all the other details regarding the Foramen Magnum like its ...Read More

List of Bones of the Body or Skeleton

Bones of the Body are numbered 206 in a Adult Human Being. As a Dental/Medical Student it is important to remember each and every bone of the body. The Photo in this post will help you in remembering all the 206 bones of the Adult Human Skeleton in a very easy way. Number of ...Read More

What is Dangerous Area of Face | Dangerous triangle of Face

Dangerous area of Face: It is the Area in the Face where infection in this region can lead to spread of infection to the Cavernous Sinus which leads to Cavernous Sinus thrombosis. Which directly spreads infection to the Brain, which can be fatal. Where is Dangerous Area of Face Located ? It ...Read More

Classification of Cranial nerves based on Sensory, Motor and their Functions

There are 12 cranial nerves which supply the head and neck region and have varied functions of purely sensory, purely motor and mixed type. Vagus is the only nerve which supplies to parts other than head and neck region like Lungs, Heart, Intestine and Stomach. I have divided the Functions of the ...Read More