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How to Disinfect or Sanitize your smartphone

Coronavirus pandemic has brought forward a very important aspect of disinfection to light, cleaning or disinfecting your smartphone when you return home after roaming outside. As a Dentist, it is a must to disinfect your smartphone every day after a shift at the clinic ...Read More

Complications and Risks involved in Tongue Piercing

Tongue Piercing is a trend for some people but there are many complications associated and it is very important to make sure you are ready to bear up with the complications and take proper After Care. Tongue Piercing After Care Tongue piercing is inserting ...Read More

Steralization in Endodontics

Endodontics is an important branch of dentistry which deals with the Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of diseases concerned with the hard tissues(Enamel, dentin) and soft tissues(Pulp) of the tooth. So for every Dental Student and Dental Practitioner it is important and necessary to learn ...Read More

Hand Hygiene in Dentistry

Hand Hygiene is achieved by handwash, which is the primary means of infection control in dentistry in fact any surgical procedure. In Dentistry Hands are the parts of the body which are the most exposed to the site of operation, the site of operation ...Read More

Infection control in Dental Clinics

This post is based on the line which i have used the most in this site ” Prevention is Better Than Cure “ Infection Control in our Dental clinics and protecting ourselves from the infective agents which the patients might carry is the primary ...Read More

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