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Oral Bacteria seen to Aggravate Colo rectal Cancer

Aggressive Colo Rectal cancer cases were found to be having a bacteria specifically – Fusobacterium nucleatum, so a study which concentrated on why is the presence of Fusobacterium seen in Aggressive cases was done. A paper published in the journal EMBO Reports reveal that Fusobacterium nucleatum tends to promote growth of cancer cells ...Read More

Dental Emergency Kit – Contents, Medicines and Use

Dental Emergency Medical Kit is a must-have in every Dental Clinic or Dental Hospital to provide Emergency Dental Care for patients who come to you with either a Dental emergency or unfortunately require emergency medical assistance or care while undergoing any Dental procedure in your Dental Clinic. Every Dentist and even the ...Read More

A to Z of Steps to be taken in Emergency situations of Reviving the patient

As a doctor we all should be aware of the steps which should be taken in case of any Emergency which we might come across in daily life or in our Dental Clinics during any procedure. An emergency can arise in any case, while administering Anesthesia if the patient is allergic to ...Read More

Levels of Radiosensitivity of Organs, cells and structures of the Human Body

What does Radiosensitivity of Cells, Organs and Structures of Human body mean ? Radiosensitivity is the relative susceptibility of cells, tissues, organs to the harmful action of radiation. It denotes the level of harm which radiation can cause to certain types of cells in the body. We have divided into High, Intermediate ...Read More

Referred pain in Head and Neck region due to tooth infection

Referred pain is a very common occurance in head and neck region and mostly caused due to infected teeth which is often mis diagnosed. As dentists we should be aware of the various referred pains caused due to infected teeth. It is very important to diagnose these pains as they are the ...Read More

Dental Diseases or Oral Manifestations of Thyroid and Pituitary Conditions

Thyroid conditions have become very common in the human population due to many reasons, every alternate person mainly females are affected with various thyroid conditions and as a Dentist, it is important for us to learn the various effects of Thyroid and Pituitary problems seen on the Oral cavity. The Oral manifestations ...Read More

Antibiotic Use in Dentistry – Guidelines, Indications and Contraindications

Antibiotic is a Greek word – “Anti” meaning ‘against’ and “Bios” meaning ‘life’ Antibiotics are being used in Dentistry from a very long time. And as we have seen in the recent past overuse or improper use of these antibiotics, antiviral and antimicrobial drugs there have been instances of an appearance of Super Bug which ...Read More

Dental Problems in Diabetes Mellitus | Oral Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus  is a metabolic disorder characterized by relative or absolute insufficiency of insulin and disturbances of carbohydrate metabolism. WHY Diabetes happens:Diabetes Mellitus occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, or when the body cannot effectively use tht insulin it produces. Cells use glucose and body needs insulin  a hormone ...Read More

Phobias in Dentistry | What is Dental Fear

Definition of Dental Fear: It is the Fear of Dentistry and fear in specific of receiving dental care. Visiting a Dentist has been a thing of fear for most of the patients and it is one of the most common types of fear. It is mostly caused because of various misconceptions about dental treatment ...Read More

Why Gum Diseases increases with Age

With Age increases the probability of Gum diseases in both genders. In a  new Study Queen Mary, University of London in collaboration with research groups in the USA have  published a study in the “Nature Immunology” Journal which reveals the increase in Gum Diseases due to age – Which is directly related ...Read More

Masticatory Reflexes or Jaw Reflexes

Reflex is a highly stereotyped automated response to a specific stimulus. Masticatory reflexes are a type of stretch reflexes brought about by activation of muscle spindles in the muscles associated with the Mandibular Jaw. There are multiple types of Jaw reflexes which are seen during normal speech, any trauma, chewing etc. Types of ...Read More

Swine Flu Symptoms in Animated way

Swine Flu which is spreading havoc around the world is being neglected or is been overlooked by lack of knowledge about the symptoms. The lack of knowlegde and the lack of resources to Diagnose the disease is making it more and more prevalent around the world. The Symptoms are : Cough and ...Read More

Is AIDS Finally Conquered | Is AIDS Cure on the Way

AIDS the most dreaded disease in the world without any cure is being studied extensively all around the world as due to AIDS there are many diseases which are surfacing due to the decrease in immunity such as Tuberculosis, which was brought under control and thanks to AIDS it is again becoming ...Read More


Definition of Mastication: Rhythmic opposition & separation of jaws with the involvement of teeth, lips, cheeks & tongue for chewing of food in order to prepare it for swallowing & digestion.  In simple terms we can describe it as “Grinding of Food into smaller particles to help is easier digestion with the ...Read More