Nanotechnology in Dentistry Archive

Researchers use Nanobots to eliminate bacteria in root canals – Nano Dentistry

With millions of Root Canal Treatments being performed every day across the globe, it is important to make sure that Root Canal Treatment is successful in clearing out the bacteria form the Root canals to achieve the purpose of saving an infected tooth using root canal treatment. Disinfection protocol being used today includes mechanical preparation [&hellip

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Tooth Tattoo Sensors will detect Diseases before hand – Graphene sensory material

Researchers at the University of Manchester, UK – including Konstantin Novoselov, who shared a Nobel prize as graphene’s co-discoverer – and at the SuperStem Laboratory of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in Daresbury, UK. have developed a material called “Graphene” which is capable of detecting and identifying different species of bacteria in the oral cavity and [&hellip

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