Oral medicine and radiology Archive

Composition of Saliva, Types and their Function

Saliva is what keeps the oral cavity moist protecting the teeth, oral mucosa, etc by maintaining and preserving the oral health. We know how important Composition of Saliva is to Oral health when the quality and quantity of saliva reduces leading to complications such ...Read More

Radiographic features of disease of Maxillary Sinus

The Maxillary Sinus is largest of all the Sinuses and is located in the maxilla. The air filled cavity is lined by pseudo stratified columnar epithelium. The Maxillary sinus is pyramidal in shape, Boundaries of Maxillary sinus are the Medial wall is formed by ...Read More

Faulty Radiographs due to Faulty Processing Techniques

Faults in Radiographs can render them useless for their main purpose of helping in Diagnosis, these are called as non diagnostic radiographs as they do not provide any information or detail to get a diagnosis. A Radiograph to be useful for Diagnostic purpose should ...Read More

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