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Causes of Trigeminal Neuropathy

Trigeminal Neuropathy: It is the condition in which the Peripheral nerves of the Trigeminal Nerve is affected due to various reasons like Trauma, infection etc and damage to nerve axons is seen which cause the symptoms of Loss of muscle function, loss of sensation, and sometimes Tingling and Burning sensation is seen ...Read More

List of Diagnostic Tests for Various Medical and Dental Diseases

First step in the Treatment of any Disease or Medical condition is proper diagnosis and for correct diagnosis of any disease diagnostic tests should be conducted. To help in coming to a conclusion about any particular disease sometimes a single test or at times multiple tests need to be performed to help ...Read More

Protocol for management of TMJ Ankylosis by Kaban, Perrot and Fisher

Temporomandibular Joint Ankylosis: It is the painless, loss (or) limitation of movement of the Temporomandibular joint which can be due to Stiffening or Immobility and Fixation due to Fusion of the Temporomandibular joint. Ankylosis is of 2 types: True Ankylosis: Which is also called as Intra-Articular Ankylosis, here we can see that ...Read More

Most common site of Metastasis of Cancer in Maxilla and Why

Metastasis is the spread of Cancer from one organ to another or one part of the body to another, the cancer cells are transported through the Lymphatic system or the Vascular system. Cancer is essentially a condition in which the cells affected divide uncontrollably while destroying the surrounding tissue. There are many ...Read More

Rare Impaction of 3rd Molar between Roots of Adjacent tooth

Here are some images of Impacted teeth which are very Rare and we do not know whether they are Developmental Disturbances or Impacted Teeth. There are many types of Wisdom teeth Impactions depending on various factors which aid in its classification. Various authors have classified Wisdom Teeth like Archer, Pell and Gregory, ...Read More

What is Talons Cusp – Rare Facial Talons Cusp

Talons Cusp: It is an Accessory cusp seen in the Cingulum area of the Incissors and Canines of both Maxillary and Mandibular teeth. It is named as Talons Cusp because it resembles the Talon of an Eagle. A deep developmental groove present where the cusp joins the lingual portion of the tooth. ...Read More

What is Dangerous Area of Face | Dangerous triangle of Face

Dangerous area of Face: It is the Area in the Face where infection in this region can lead to spread of infection to the Cavernous Sinus which leads to Cavernous Sinus thrombosis. Which directly spreads infection to the Brain, which can be fatal. Where is Dangerous Area of Face Located ? It ...Read More

Levels of Radiosensitivity of Organs, cells and structures of the Human Body

What does Radiosensitivity of Cells, Organs and Structures of Human body mean ? Radiosensitivity is the relative susceptibility of cells, tissues, organs to the harmful action of radiation. It denotes the level of harm which radiation can cause to certain types of cells in the body. We have divided into High, Intermediate ...Read More

List of Autosomal Dominant and Recessive Disorders

Autosomal dominant and recessive disorders play a major role in determining the transfer of disease from parents to children. What is Autosomal Dominant? If the disorder is Autosomal dominant only one infected gene from any one parent is enough to cause the disease in the child. What is Autosomal Recessive ? If ...Read More

Green and Orange Stains on Teeth Due to Chromogenic Bacteria

Chromogenic Bacteria cause Yellow/Green/Orange stains on the teeth in children. The Stains can be seen in Newly erupted teeth as well. We can see in the image that the incisal edges of the teeth are Green and the middle third of the teeth is Stained Black. Green color is due to the ...Read More

Teeth involved in various types of Space infections and Space infection caused by Nerve Blocks

Space infection is infection spreading to the Facial Spaces in the head and neck region from one or many teeth infected. The Fascial spaces are filled with Loose Connective tissue readily breakdown in presence of even little amount of infection and a huge swelling can be seen. The List of Fascial Spaces ...Read More

Fluid Aspirations consistency color and type from Cysts and Cavities of Oral cavity

Cysts of the oral cavity contain fluid filled in the cavities which varies in consistency, color and protein content which help in differentiating and diagnosis based on these findings. Aspiration of fluid is done with the help of needle and syringe. Here we are going to list out the various Cysts of ...Read More

Referred pain in Head and Neck region due to tooth infection

Referred pain is a very common occurance in head and neck region and mostly caused due to infected teeth which is often mis diagnosed. As dentists we should be aware of the various referred pains caused due to infected teeth. It is very important to diagnose these pains as they are the ...Read More

Alphabet like Histology Slides of various diseases

Various Histology Slides resembling Alphabets being displayed in an alphabetic order in diseases of both the Medical and Dental worlds. ...Read More