Prosthodontics Archive

Indications and Contraindication of Fixed Partial Dentures

Fixed partial dentures are prosthesis which are fixed to the existing natural teeth or Dental Implants to replace missing teeth in the Maxillary or Mandibular regions. There are multiple advantages of having a fixed partial denture apart from the obvious appearance and functional aspects. ...Read More

History of Dental Implants

Dental Implants have been an ancient science as Archaeologists have found instances of civilizations attempting something similar to Dental Implants to replace missing teeth. The earliest example was in Egyptian civilization around 2000 BC where missing teeth were replaced by tooth shaped ivory or ...Read More

What is Hemisection in Dentistry

Hemisection is the sectioning of a diseased tooth (usually a mandibular molar) into two parts and removing the diseased root and its connected crown part. Hemisection is also called as “root amputation” or “root sectioning”. Hemisection is usually suggested in Mandibular Molars which have ...Read More

Denture Stomatitis – Classification, Causes and Management

Denture-related stomatitis as the name suggests is Stomatitis or pain and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the mouth which is caused due to Denture in patients who wear a complete denture.  Denture Stomatitis Synonyms: denture sore mouth, Candida-associated denture-induced stomatitis, inflammatory papillary hyperplasia ...Read More

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