Coronavirus Pandemic Archive

What is Infection and various Types of Infection

Infection is the lodgement and multiplication of a microorganism in or on the tissues of a host constitutes an infection. The host tissue or body is invaded by the disease-causing organism which multiples in the host tissue leading to infection of the host. There are different types of Infections based on the micro-organism involved – [&hellip

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Personal Protective Equipment in Dentistry during Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus diseases or COVID-19 has taken over the world with all countries coming to a standstill having complete to partial lockdowns, Dentistry has been hurt the most as we have to deal directly with aerosols and are the most prone to be infected. This brings forward the need for proper PPE or Personal Protective [&hellip

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Can I Visit Dental Clinic during Coronavirus Lockdown – For Dental Patients

Coronavirus Pandemic has affected the whole world without leaving a single country and has affected all aspects of life which include Dental Treatments as well. All Dental Associations across the world have announced every Dental Clinic to close down all treatments except Emergency procedures by following strict protocol by having Personal Protection Equipment for Dentist [&hellip

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