Causes of Complete Denture Faults and Failures

Complete Denture is a “A dental prosthesis which replaces the entire dentition(teeth) and associated structures of maxilla and mandible.

As the Complete Dentures are useful  there are also many complications which will lead to failure of the complete denture due to the many reasons mentioned in detail below.

Causes of Complete Denture Failures:

1. Loosening of Denture While Smiling :

  • Due to inadequate relief of the buccal frenum

2. Loosening of upper denture while opening mouth :

  • Excessive thickness of Distobuccal flange
  • Interference with coronoid process

3. Difficulty during Swallowing:

  • Due to over extension of the lingual flange into the lateral throat form
  • Increased vertical dimension

4. Pain and Soreness during Chewing:

  • Deflective Occlusal contacts

5. Mucosal Irritation:

  • Over extension of Denture Borders

6. Epulis fissuratum:

  • Ill-fitting or Overextended dentures

7. Clicking Noise during teeth contacts:

  • Increased Vertical Dimension

8. Burning sensation in anterior third of the palate

  • Inadequate relief of incisive papilla resulting in pressure on nasopalatine area

9. The denture is tight when inserted and becomes loose during useage:

  • Errors in occlusion

10. Soreness on the slopes of ridge:

  • Deflective occlusal contacts resulting in shifting of bases

11. Soreness on the Crest of Ridge:

  • Increased Vertical dimension resulting in heavy contacts

12. Cheek Biting:

  • Insufficient horizontal overlap of posterior teeth
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