Characteristic types of pain in various dental conditions

Type of pain is asked during diagnosis and case history to come to a conclusion based on the nature of the pain on the underlying condition or disease responsible. Different types of pains are characteristic of different types of dental diseases or conditions.

As we all know during diagnosis we rely on the type and time of pain to come to a conclusion of certain types of conditions which have characteristic pain patterns like reversible pulpitis and irreversible pulpitis. So here we are going to include some of the other types of pains which are associated with dental condition which will be helpful in diagnosis and treatment plan.

specific types of pain during toothache

Here we are going to list out various types of pain in various dental conditions to make it easier for diagnosis:

  1. Type of pain in Acute reversible pulpitis: Quick hypersensitive response which subsides when the stimulus is removed
  2. Type of pain in Acute irreversible pulpitis: Spontaneous unprovoked continuous pain that is seen even after the stimulus is removed.
  3. Type of pain in Acute apical periodontitis: Spontaneous throbbing pain that persists following the removal of stimulus
  4. Type of Pain in Trigeminal neuralgia: Severe, sharp, shooting type of pain caused due to stimulation of a trigger point.
  5. Type of pain in Cracked tooth syndrome: Sporadic sharp sudden jolt of pain while chewing.

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