Halitosis or Bad breath is a common problem faced by every other person on this planet, the causes or etiology of this condition can be numerous so to point out one such cause to treat it becomes very difficult.
So to treat Bad breath we need to consider many factors General Health, Oral hygiene, type of food taken, timings at which food is taken
Lets see the various Characteristic smells and their causes:

  • Hydrogen sulphide (H2 S)- Rotten eggs
  • Methyl mercaptan (CH3 SH)- Faeces
  • Skatole – Faeces
  • Cadaverine – Corpses (cadaver)
  • Dimethyl sulphide (CH3)2S      – Rotten cabbage
  • Putrescine – Decaying meat
  • Indole – Small quantity in perfumes, smelly in large amounts
  • Isovaleric acid – Sweaty feet