Classification of Cysts of Jaw

Cysts in the Jaws are very common occurrence when compared to any other part of the body, as the cysts are of varied types the classifications given by various scientists is also very helpful to divide each cyst based on it origin and its clinical presentation. Based on classification we can also decide the treatment plan accordingly as it shows the Causes and Etiology of the Cyst which can be Developmental or Inflammatory. The various classifications also show the cysts in the Face and Neck region. The classifications are given by various scientists and also WHO.

Mentioned here are the various Classifications given by scientists for Cysts of Jaw:

  1. WHO Classification
  2. Shears Classification
  3. Shafers Classification

WHO Classification is divided into 2 Types:

  1. Developmental
  2. Inflammatory


I. Odontogenic:

  1. Primordial ( Kerato ) cyst.
  2. Gingival cyst.
  3. Eruption cyst.
  4. Dentigerous ( Follicular ) cyst.

II. Non Odontogenic:

  1. Naso palatine duct ( Incisive canal ) cyst.
  2. Globulomaxillary cyst.
  3. Naso labial ( naso alveolar ) cyst.

Inflammatory Cysts:

  1. Radicular cyst.

Shear’s Classification

It is divided into 3 types:

  1. Cysts of Jaw
  2. Cysts associated with Maxillary Antrum
  3. Cysts of the soft tissues of the Face, Neck and Mouth

Cysts Of Jaw:

Epithelial Cysts Of Jaws:

I. Odontogenic:

a. Developmental:

  1. Primordial (Kerato) cyst .
  2. Gingival cyst of infants .
  3. Gingival cyst of adults .
  4. Lateral periodontal cyst .
  5. Dentigerous cyst .
  6. Eruption cyst .
  7. Calcifying odontogenic cyst.

b. Inflammatory:

  1. Radicular cyst .
  2. Residual cyst .
  3. Inflammatory collateral cyst.
  4. Para dental cyst.

II. Non-Odontogenic:

  1. Nasopalatine duct cyst & Incisive canal cyst
  2. Median palatine cyst
  3. Median alveolar cyst
  4. Median mandibular cyst
  5. Globulomaxillary cyst
  6. Naso labial (naso alveolar) cyst
Non Epithelial Cysts:

a. Simple bone cyst:

  1. Traumatic
  2. Solitary
  3. Hemorrhagic

b. Aneurysmal bone cyst.

Cysts Associated with the Maxillary Antrum

  1.  Benign mucosal cyst .
  2. Surgical ciliated cyst of maxilla.

Cysts of the Soft tissues of the Face, Neck and Mouth

  1. Dermoid & Epidermoid cysts
  2. Branchial cleft cyst (Lympho epithelial cyst)
  3. Thyroglossal duct cyst
  4. Anterior median lingual cyst
  5. Oral cyst with gastro intestinal epithelium
  6. Cystic hygroma
  7. Cysts of the salivary glands
  8. Parasitic cysts: Hydatid cyst, Cysticerous cellulosae

Shafers Classification

1. Primordial cyst .
2. Dentigerous cyst & Eruption cyst .
3. Periodontal cyst :
a. Apical periodontal cyst .
b. Lateral periodontal cyst .
4. Gingival cyst :
a. Gingival cyst of newborn(Dental lamina cyst)
b. Gingival cyst of adult .
5. Odontogenic kerato cyst .
(Jaw cyst , Basal cell nevus & Bifid rib syndrome)
6. Calcifying odontogenic cyst .

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