An articulator is a mechanical device which represents the temporo mandibular joint and jaw members to which maxillary and mandibular casts may be attached to stimulate jaw movements

Classification of Dental Articulators:

1. Based on theories of occlusion

  • Bon-will theory articulator
  • Conical theory articulator
  • Spherical theory articulator
2. Based on type of record used for their adjustments
  • Inter occlusal record adjustment
  • Graph record adjustment
3. Based on ability to stimulate jaw movements
Only vertical movements are possible, it accepts Face bow theory-
  • Slab articulator
Horizontal and vertical movements are possible, it accepts Face bow theory-
  •  Mean value articulator,
  • Monson’s articulator,
  • Hall articulator,
  •  Hansed articulator
Horizontal and vertical movements are possible, it doesn’t accepts Face bow theory –
  • Bergston articulator
  • Tensite articulator
  • Panadent articulator

4. Based on the aceptance of dimensional dynamic registration and are capable of accurately reproducing path way for each patients

  • TMJ articulator
  • Stuart instrument
  • Gnathoscope