Classification of Dental cements based on their uses

Dental Cements have multiple uses in Dentistry based on the requirement from patient to patient, and it also differs from tooth to tooth in the same patient. The front or anterior teeth (incisors, canine) require aesthetics more than strength and it is the opposite in the posterior or the molars. So it is essential to know which type of cement should be used in which scenario. Some of the common uses of Dental cements in dentistry are:

In Restorative Dentistry Dental Cements are used  as:

  • Cavity Liners
  • Base: Below restorations to protect the pulp chamber from mechanical and thermal forces. They are of two types High Strength and Low strength
  • Restoration: Temporary and Permanent, Cementation: Temporary and Final (permanent).

Classification of Dental cements based on use

Final cementation: Eg: Reinforced zinc oxide eugenol, zinc phosphate, zinc silico-phosphate, zinc polycarboxylate, glass ionomer
Temporary cementation Zinc oxide eugenol
Permanent restoration Glass ionomers, resin-modified glass ionomers, Composites, Amalgam
Temporary restoration Zinc oxide eugenol, zinc phosphate,  zinc polycarboxylate, silicate
Anterior restorations Eg: Composites, Silicate, Sillicophosphate, Glass ionomer
High strength bases Eg: Reinforced zinc-oxide eugenol, Zinc phosphate, Zinc polycarboxylate, Glass ionomer
Low strength bases Eg: zinc oxide eugenol, calcium hydroxide
Cavity liners Eg: calcium hydroxide
Root canal sealer Eg: zinc oxide eugeol, zinc poly carboxylate
Gingival tissue pack Eg: zinc oxide eugenol
Surgical dressing Eg: zinc oxide eugenol, zinc oxide preparation
Cementation of orthodontic bands Zinc phosphate, zinc poly carboxylate

In Endodontics:

  • Root canal sealer
  • Temporary cementation during Root Canal Therapy
  • Permanent restoration after Root Canal Therapy


Dental cements are mainly used in cementation of crowns which are of two types

  • Temporary Cementation
  • Permanent Cementation


As Gingival Tissue pack after Flap surgery or any Gingival Surgical procedure


For cementation of bands stainless steel as well as ceramic bands

Dental cements play an integral part of all branches of dentistry and based on the requirement different types of cements are used as seen in the classification table mentioned above.

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