Classification of Diseases of Dental Pulp

Dental Pulp is a mixture of soft Connective tissue, Vascular, Lymphatic and Nervous tissues which form the central core of a Tooth both Primary and Permanent. Dental Pulp occupies the central cavities of the tooth which are called as the Root Canals or Pulp Chambers.

Diseases of Pulp can be caused by many factors like Dental Caries progressing through the Enamel and Dentin reaching the Pulp chamber and leading to various pathological conditions of the Pulp which will be classified and described in the post below. In each Person on general there are 52 Pulp Organs present all through his/her lifetime, with 20 Pulp Organs in the Deciduous or Primary Teeth and 32 in the Permanent teeth.

Volume of Pulp Organ of the whole Permanent Dentition is 0.38 ml and the average Volume of the Pulp Organ of each Permanent tooth is 0.02 ml. The Pulp is divided into Coronal and Apical region with the Coronal region extending into the Crown of the tooth in the form of Pulp Horns which vary in each tooth.

Classification of Diseases of Dental Pulp:

Hyperemia of Pulp:  It is the First Stage of Inflammation of Pulp

  1. Reversible Hyperemia
  2. Irreversible Hyperemia


  1. Acute Pulpitis
  2. Chronic Ulcerative Pulpitis
  3. Chronic Hyperplastic Pulpitis

Pulp Degeneration:

  1. Calcific Degeneration
  2. Fibrous Degeneration
  3. Atrophic Degeneration
  4. Internal Resorption

Necrosis of Pulp

Periradicular Diseases of Pulp:

1. Acute Periradicular Diseases:

  • Acute Apical Periodontitis
  • Acute Alveolar Abscess
  • Phoenix Abscess

2. Chronic Periradicular Diseases:

  • Chronic Alveolar Abscess
  • Periapical Granuloma
  • Radicular Cyst
  • Condensing Osteitis
  • External Resorption

The various disease of pulp have various modes of Treatment Plans depending on the Stage and type of Pulp disease. Most often the most widely mode of treatment is Root Canal Treatment which involves the removal of the Pulp tissue Completely from the Pulp chamber and cleaning and shaping the canals.

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