Classification of Injuries to periodontal tissues

Periodontal tissues are the the supporting structures surrounding teeth, which connect the tooth to bone and keep it in position, periodontal ligament is made up of fibres. Periodontal injuries lead to mobility of tooth and the various types of injuries caused due to injuries should be necessary for understanding the condition and preparing necessary treatment plan.

Luxation injuries of Teeth

Here we are going to discuss the types of injuries to periodontal tissue (types of Luxation injuries):

  1. Concussion: It is the injury to supporting tissues without loosening or displacement but marked reaction to percussion on affected tooth.
  2. Subluxation: It is the abnormal loosening of the tissue but without marked displacement of tooth.
  3. Lateral luxation:  Displacement of tooth labially, lingually, distally or incisally due to loosening of the tooth caused by injury to the periodontal ligament.
  4. Extrusive luxation: Displacement of tooth in coronal direction.
  5. Intrusion: It is displacement of the tooth into the alveolar bone accompanied by fracture of the alveolar socket

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